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Wheel prizes i need


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HI, i need some cards from wheel and i am willing to trade some packs(dont have many atm), or cards in value of those i need.

I will write prices that i'll by cards for and how many i need.


FA Cheren - 1 pack ( it was bad card before) (1)

HGSS24 Hitmonchan- 0,5 (1)

RH Evosoda- 0,25 (3)

RH Silver Bangle - 0,5 (3)

Previous Unique Prizes:

RH Ultra Ball PB - 0,5 (3)

HGSS8 Meganium prime - 1 (2)

HGSS9 Typhlosion prime - 1 (2)

HGSS16 Plusle - 0,25 (1)

HGSS17 Minun- 0,25 (1)


Red Sparkle Victini Coin - (for another coin or 0,5 pack)


I have some of others wheel promo so we can make promo for promo


My user is ciri_car and send me offers


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