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New Deck what do you think


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I put this deck together earlier yesterday and have had some success with it. Let me know what changes you think i should make. Im looking for 1 additional rock guard, and i may replace Lapras with another Suicune, since the lapras i use will be rotated. heres the deck list..


Pokemon 17

Axew X2 PB

Fraxure X2 PB

Haxorus X2 (DragonAxe)

Cobalion EX

Blastoise EX

Kyurem EX LT

Lapras ND

Squirtle X2 PB

Wartortle PB

Wartorlte BC

Blastoise X2 (Deluge)

Suicune PB


Trainer 21

Enhanced Hammer X2

Evosoda X2

Great Ball

Professors Letter

Cheren X3

Cilan X2

Lysandre X2

Pokemon Fan Club X2

Pokemon Center Lady X2

Team Flare Grunt X2


Rock Guard


Energy 22

Steel X5

Water X13

Double Colorless X2



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Red flags all over but i assume you are new so this is bound to happen. Major issues that jump right out is 22 energy, this is almost never a good idea. It will result in a lot of dead draws and energy attachment 1 per turn which you would like to avoid if at all possible. Next the choice of supporters is quite odd and inconsistent, to ensure quick setup you will want to run 3 to 4 each of N, Juniper and Shauna and also a few Colress to allow for the quickest setup of your field.


Next you don't seem to have anything concrete in the way of what you intend to do here. Two separate stage 2 lines and a whole bunch of random EX and basic pokemon. Keldeo and blastiose works, however to add a haxorus line into this would likely be counter productive as you won't have a single focus in mind when setting up. Chose whether you want to charge up a water pokemon or take advantage of Haxorus and hits for lots of damage that way.


Cut the energy count to around 10-12 tops though as i said before you will draw into nothing more times then not and find yourself in trouble real quick. Try to increase the stage 2 line you decide to use to at least 3-1-3 if not 4-1-3 or 4-0-3 and add in rare candy.


Last thing that jumps out is lack of search cards that will allow you to obtain pokemon, Level Ball would have been ideal but its rotating soon so its best to look at other options. Ultra Ball and Heavy Ball are going to be the ones you should rely on to get set up. Also you will probably want to run Energy Retrieval or or Super Energy Retrieval to make sure you don't run out and continue to reuse them is you decide to make Blastoise the focus point of the deck.


Hope this was helpful and best of luck to you in your play testing.

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