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Public to Private Trade Conversion Bug


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To the developers,


BACKGROUND: I do 99% of my trading in the public trading lists. I post anywhere from 20 to 80 public trades. If memory serves me correctly (because my trade history listings are too long to go through for an exact count), I have only accepted 2 private offers sent to me and I have sent at most 3 private offers to other users. As you can see, the bulk of my trading is from public listings.


PROBLEM: For some reason, one of my public trades keeps getting converted to a private offer, even though I submitted it as a public offer. It seems as if it only happens when I log out/in. If I submit all my offers as public and stay logged-in, I have yet to see one convert to private. Yet, if I log out and then log back in, one random public offer is now listed as private, even though it was originally submitted as public.


POSSIBLE DISTURBANCES: Since I do have a background in computer programming, I thought I might offer one area to investigate. All PTCGO users need 1 username (the name used to log-in to PTCGO) and 1 screen name (the name that is displayed in games, trades, chats, etc. that all other PTCGO users know you by). It seems as if one PTCGO user has a blank screen name. This user has not entered any characters into their screen name. In programming code, it is customary to leave a "default option" when trying to catch/anticipate bugs. If the error-handling or exception-handling code throws the error/exception to the default option, then the user with the blank screen name will, in theory, be the recipient of all the trades that are caught by the error/exception handlers.


If anyone else is experiencing this bug, please describe their experience. Try to provide as much detail as possible and hopefully I can figure out a pattern to what may be causing this. Also (and far less important), I keep getting two copies of notifications when my public listing have expired. In other words, for every public listing that expires without being accepted, I get two copies of that expiration in my notifications tab.


Thanks for all you do PTCGO programmers and profs.

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Hi AnyRandomName,


The Dev team is aware of this issue and will be looking for a fix. In the meantime, we appreciate your patience! I'll be closing this thread.


Thanks for your report!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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