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Magnezone and Yanmega Prime Deck


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Well if you wanna run pure megazone (like in the old days) the list would be something like:

3x magnezone

2x mageneton

3x magnemite

3x yanmega

4x yanma

2x kingdra

1x seadra

2x horsea

1x tyrogue

1x cleffa

1x pachirisu

1x switch

2x copycat

3x RC

4x Collector

4x P communication

4x Catcher (or pokemon reversal XD)


3x Junk arm

3x Judge

10 Lighting energy.

(that would be the one that won worlds 2011)


or if you want to play with current day cards aswell i made one myself which i really like:

4x Flabébé

4x Floette (flower veil)

2x Exeggcute

4x yanma

4x yanmega


1x Dowsing

3x evosoda

4x Junkarm

4x max potion

2x P communication

2x Sacred ashes

4x switch

4x copycat

4x hugh

2x judge

3x N

3x Collector

2x Float stone

4x muscle band ( might wanna consider making it 2 bangle / 2 band)


i made it a while back its doing pretty good but it isnt perfect yet.

so you might wanna play with the list a bit. (expiriment with the tools try fitting in a (few) pal pads or whatever)

also with furious fists there is a new stadium that gives Evo's +30 HP which would be really great for this deck.

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