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Best Theme Deck in Store?


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I'm sorry if this isn't the correct place to post, it seemed like the best fit.


I just passed 300 coins on my way to 500. I already have Cold Fire, and plan on picking up Ice Shock soon. I am also looking at some of the X/Y/Flash Fire decks irl as well. (if anyone has any input on those, please feel free to add. I am already pretty set on Ice Shock just to go along with Cold Fire.)


Having gotten all of that out of the way, I was wondering what the recommended deck would be amongst the other, older decks, or the X/Y starter decks? I am a fan of Chespin and Froakie, and enjoy Fire/Water decks.


Thank you for any and all help, and sorry again if this is the wrong place.


Edit: I bought Ice Shock simply because it was the last one in my town, and I'm afraid we won't get anymore. I also like the four X/Y decks I think, so really I guess that leave the X/Y starter decks. Does anyone have an opinion on which deck will give me the best cards? I guess the Genesect deck is still in play, I forgot about it, and am not particularly interested in picking up the physical deck unless someone persuades me otherwise.


All of that being said, I want to buy a deck with my coins that will give the best cards to create other decks with. Based on what I have physically and what I am interested in, I would like to know opinions on the Chespin, Froakie, Fennekin and Genesect decks.


Chespin is my favourite X/Y starter, and I already have plenty of water and fire cards I think. How is the Genesect deck?


Edit 2: Screw it, nobody cares and I'm going to make my own decision. Can a mod delete this thread please?

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