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Looking for suggestions on how to improve my Fire Electric Deck


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Fire Electric Deck


Pokémon: 20

1x Charizard-EX (Combustion Blast)

2x Lileo

1x Pyroar (Intimidating Main)

2x Pansear

1x Simisear (Flame Blast)

2x Reshiram (Fusion Flare)

2x Helioptile

1x Helioisk

2x Shinx

1x Luxio (Electricounter)

2x Zekrom (Fusion Bolt)

1x Mewtoo-EX

1x Bouffalant (Bouffer)

1x Tornadus-EX


Trainer: 20



2x Evosoda

2x Hypnotoxic Laser

1x Pal Pad

1x Professors Letter

2x Revive

1x Sacred Ash

1x Scramble Switch

1x Startling Megaphone

1x Switch



1x Fisherman

2x Pokémon Center Lady

2x Pokémon Fan Club

1x Professor Oak's New Theory

1x Tierno



1x Skyarrow Bridge


Energy: 20

7x Fire Energy

7x Electric Energy

4x Double Colorless Energy

2x Rainbow Energy

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You have far too many pokemon and energies. To make a competitive deck, this is usually how it's broken down.


Non-Evo Decks: 10 or less (approx), 30-40 Trainers, 8-10 Energies (approx)


Evo-Decks: 14-18 Pokemon (approx) 30-35 Trainers, 8-10 Energies (approx)


As you can see, most decks have a significant number of trainers in comparison to the few pokemon and few energies that are in the deck. It is usually unnecessary to have many energy or pokes, as trainers have plenty of ability to draw into the cards you need or pull them out of your deck/discard.


There are exceptions to the rules like heatmor or something like that, where they have an abnormally low trainer/pokemon counter opting for high energy count with ethers instead. For the most part though, decks tend to be as I described earlier.


When making a deck, try to figure out which pokemon that your deck will be centered around, then build around that pokemon according to the needs to optimize its abilities/attacks.


I hope that helped!

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Are you kidding me? 12 is the optimal number of energy...


Sorry if my typing is a little wonky I'm doing this on a tablet...

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Are you kidding me? 12 is the optimal number of energy.

Number of energy depends on type of the deck. There isn't an 'optimal' number. It's really different from deck to deck as are decks quite different one from another.


To OP: maybe cut down on some pokemon and add on another, for example remove Helioptile/Heliolisk in favour of more Shinx/Luxio (or vice versa) and you could also remove Pansear/Simisear in favour of more Litleo/Pyroar). Also you could reduce basic energies and add 2 more rainbow and/or professor's letters. Also, needs more drawing supporters like N, Shauna, Colress, Professor Sycamore/Juniper.

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