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The Fight of legends ! New Awesome Deck Of my Create !!!


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Hi ! i Want to Share My Deck with you guys !!! Feel free to give Me suggestions Or Some advises to keep That dekc in the front ...





( Pokemon ) 17



x2 landorus EX

X3 Mahcop

x2 Machoke

x3 Machamp Prime

2-2 Donphan prime & Phanpy ability line

x1 mewtwo EX

X1 Keldeo EX


( Trainer & Supporter ) 31


x2 bicycle

x1 Computer Search

x3 lasers

x2 rare candy

x1 startling megaphone

x3 N

x3 Skyla

x4 Juniper

x3 ultra ball

x1 SUper Rod

x1 Pokemon Collector

x3 Float Stones

x2 Muscle band



(Energy) 12




x8 Fighting

x4 DCE




Hope that deck likes you and i will be improving it !!!!




The strategy is too simple : Hit with Donphan / Make him Survive a Turn / Rush In with keldeo and retreat to the machamp Prime :) / Doing lot amount Of damage { 100 ( base attack)+ 20 (Muscle Band )+40 ( Form the donphan 's attack) } And laser helps You a lot to knock out big 170 HP exs liek yveltal / deoxys /mewtwo and lots ... ANd also there is mewtwo & landorus waiting up Here on bench or in hand / Deck they are one of the best main attackers in the game Each is helping to give the advantage to your field to increase The pwoer and hitting more and more ...





Thanks !!!! Lots More ....

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Did you try it yet? I tried to use dugtrio with gallade, turns out to be wishful thinking, and I ended up relying on landorus EX instead

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why use keldeo at all? you can use fighting tagg to get machamp in and energies on it..


i uunderstand completly the keldeo why he is in ..The Reason is sometimes when i test the dekc on ... i see THe strategy dosen't work completly against few decks like ( Accelgor/mew/trevenant) - (TDK) - (Genesect/virizion) ...they would catchering your Full energy pokemon and knock out himm easily So i see running keldeo EX to switch out the poor machop/Phanpy Without gettign any damage ...next turn When i claim my wait between turns for the complete strategy i do ( for example) skyla for candy and ultra ball away 2 cards for the machamp prime And let's start .... at least with that dekc against these i take x1/2 knock out with keldeo'help .. and either when thinks goes well for me i simply Don't Put it on bench for no free target to oppenent ... Fee lfree to Get the idea !!! and thanks :)

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i run this deck without machamp prime, just donphan prime, landorus (with dusknoir, or raichu as tech), and ur 1st attacker is donphan, with 1 strong energy+ bangle(band)+virbank= 120-140 damage , so it will run faster then waiting for machamp

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