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Nobody shown in offer friends list (private trade doesn't work)


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Hey, I got a problem making private trades. I can't see the cards my friends are trading, because my friends list isn't showing. This only occurs when using the View Cards' Create Trade button.


I tried relogging and removing people but nothing will make it appear. Though very rarely my friends are shown, when I'm online for a hour or so I think (suddenly I'm able to see them all), when I try to send them an offer using the friends list, I lose connection to the server.


I have had this problem for quite some time now (like 2 months, maybe longer) hoping it would've been fixed already.


The only way I can see anyone else's cards is after they send me a offer, then I can use the counter button and am able to see their cards. Of course this makes trading with friends inconvienent.


The friends list in the chatbox/lobbies in the left sidetab works fine, though. It's only when I want to create a private offer to send to friends.


I suspect there is an overflow in the networking code.


Hope this info is of any help for trying to fix this problem.

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Hi Rob!


Thank you for your report. You may also want to contact Customer Support (click the link in my signature and "Ask a Question"), as this is something that they may have tips for. Please be sure to specify whether you are using a Mac or PC.



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