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Is this a good Deck?


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Edit: Sorry about the censor in the top title. I didn't use any foul language.. At least not by my standards...


I seem to do pretty well with this Deck. If my opponent doesn't have any Pokemon-EX, then I just bother the heck out of my opponent with Carnivine's Bench Switching or deconstructing his Evolutions / Energies. If there ARE Ex's, then I just pull out Sigilyph or Pyroar to render them useless. I'm heavily reliant on waiting for the Virbank City Gym so I can use Venusaur or Toxicroak to start dishing out damage.


I need to do something with my Trainers / Pokemon so I can swap my Pokemon a bit easier. I'm having some issues with my Actives getting stuck while I build up.


2 x Litleo (Combustion)

2 x Pyroar (Intimidating Mane)

2 x Bulbasaur

2 x Ivysaur

2 x Venusaur

2 x Carnivine (Lure Poison)

1 x Virizion-EX

1 x Sigilyph

1 x Toxicroak-EX

1 x Furfrou (Honestly, I'm not sure why I have this. It seemed better than Bouffalant.)




1 x Escape Rope

2 x Evosoda

2 x Hyp Laser

1 x Master Ball (Useless when Venusaur is out.)

2 x Potion

3 x Professor's Letter

2 x Super Rod

2 x Cassius (Amazingly helpful when Venusaur is out.)

2 x Colress

3 x N

2 x Pokemon Center Lady

2 x Pokemon Fan Club

1 x Professor Juniper

1 x Shauna

1 x Skyla

1 x Virbank City Gym (Would probably help if I had another, but it seems a waste.)

1 x Hard Charm




6 x Grass

3 x Blend (GFPD)

4 x Colorless

3 x Rainbow

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Is your Toxicroak the EX version or from BC/LT (the one with Revenge)? If it's the latter, you're missing a Croagunk in there.

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Nothing can replace Bouffalant when it comes for a tank/EX killer. As for the deck, i think my dark control deck can take care of it with ease. Add me so i can test your deck out =)

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