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The Tank Deck (Wailord/Blastoise) Needs Improvements??


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4 Wailmer

4 Wailord

3-1-3 Blastoise

1 Fliptini



2 Enhanced Hammer

2 Evosoda

2 Heavy Ball

2 Max Potion

1 Palpad

4 Pro. Letter

1 Random Receiver

3 Rare Candy

2 S.E.R

2 Switch

3 Cassius

2 Lysandre

1 Poke. Fan Club

3 Pro. Juniper

2 Skyla

2 Float Stone

2 Muscle Band



8 Water Energy


Please Help.. Any Ideas?


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since there's so many heavy pokemon, why not max out the heavy balls? even with 4 heavy balls might still be worth putting ultraball to get squirtle


might need keldeo,would be quite bad is any of those heavy guys get poisoned


would advise something to get back some of that energy

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I like the deck, just some tweeks.


1. Cassicus isn't needed, replace for 2 Keldeo EX and a Computer search.

2. Muscle band isn't needed as well, replace with 2 S.R.E.

3. Cut back to 2 Profssor's letter, I found that Wailord and Landorus EX will work well together, now that Raichu is out, something needs to lay Raichu to rest.


Other than that, looks great.

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Thanks, I Use Cassius As A Way To Put A Wailord With (180/200) Damage Taken Back In The Deck To Have Another One Ready On The Bench With The P. Letter I Use It To Get Energy Out For The Other Wailord When I Cassius.... Thanks For Your Help I Am Gonna Try Your Ideas...

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Here is the list Kyle (Pooka) uses on bad deck Monday video's. It is a quite unique and fun deck that you can have a lot of fun with the proper build. It should be noted it is a fun deck and will from time to time unavoidably not setup fast or the way you may hope.


Wailmer - x3

Wailord - x3

Squirtle - x3

Wartortle - x1

Blastoise - x3

Keldeo EX - x1

Jirachi EX - x1

Victini - x2



Dowsing Machine - x1

Heavy Ball - x2

Level Ball - x1

Prof Letter - x1

Rare Candy - x3

Super Rod - x1

Superior Energy Retrieval - x4

Tool Scrapper - x1

Ultra Ball - x2

Colress - x2

N - x4

Juniper - x2

Skyla - x4

Float Stone - x1



Water Energy - x11



This list is only 57 cards since the other 3 cards on his list were tropical beach and most players don't have access to them or the means to trade for them so you have those 3 spots to play around with, perhaps more supporters or items that allow switching you active pokemon i case blastoise gets brought out by the opponent.

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