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New Format + List


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The new format will be Boundaries Crossed onward/ BW 55+.


So there will be 3 sets rotated out; Next Destinies, Dark Explorers, Dragons Exalted and I went through them and compiled a list of noteworthy cards that I have personally seen played or enjoyed.


Would like some help if I missed any cards, or if they have a reprint somewhere.


Tropical Beach

Zoroark (Foul Play)

Accelgor (Deck and Cover)

Amoongus (Sporprise)

Gardevoir (Psychic Mirage)

Ho-oh Ex

Rayquaza Ex

Reuniclus (Damage Swap)

Shedinja (Empty Shell)

Ninjask (Cast off Shell)

Sableye (Junk Hunt)

Bouffalant (Gold Breaker)

Aggron (Toppling Wind)

Archeops (Ancient Power)

Gabite (Dragon Call)


Trainers / Energies

Prism Energy

Blend Energy GFPD

Blend Energy WLFM

Dark Patch

Enhanced Hammer

Heavy Ball

Level Ball

Exp. Share

Giant Cape

Pokemon Center

Devolution Spray

Hooligans Jim & Cass

Skyarrow Bridge

Rescue Scarf

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Ninetales and Drifblim were reprinted as Promos.

No need to be scaring the Ninetales players now...

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