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Remove/Change Anonymous Reporting


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I'm starting to get annoyed when I get randomly reported by someone or something that I have no idea as to who would have sent a report nor why.


If people are doing this, how am I supposed to defend myself when some situation comes up where these reports affect my account? I wouldn't have known why I was reported, whether the reports were false or have no backing to where I should even be reported.


If you're going to bother sending me messages in game in regards to me being reported, I want to know by who and what they put as the reasoning or at the very least their reasoning.


I do understand that in game it says contact the support team, but i'm sure you guys know how I feel about the support team and their non-responsiveness that I would rather not send them messages regarding a report that may or may not actually be anything depending on the nature of the report that I have no clue who sent nor why.

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The strengths of a reporting system is in it's anonymity. Naming someone who reported you is just opening up people to harassment, when the report could have been justified.


Perhaps I could offer you an alternative suggestion? Whenever someone reports you, you get to see what the report was, and reply to it from your own perspective. The reporter will remain anonymous. This will give you the chance to state your side, and make it easier for the moderators to determine whether an offense actually took place and give the proper punishments to someone who actually broke an in game rule, as well as people who made false reports.


I've been reported once with no reasoning and nothing had occurred; but I understand your pain.

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Hello trainers!


I'll submit your suggestions to the Dev team for review and leave this thread open in the meantime (please make sure all discussion remains constructive).


Thanks for your input!

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possible guesses as to why you're reported


A. player too noob to realise his EX can't damage safeguard and reports you for hacking

B. player thinks you're hacking because you flipped 3 heads in a row

C. game bugged out and declared a loss on your opponent and you get reported for hacking a win

D. you offered advice to a losing player and he (being a sore loser) takes offense and reports you for being rude


never had experience of being reported before so all the above could just be rubbish but seeing the number of wrong bug reports I think its very possible.


Honestly I feel sometimes the reporting function is there just to satisfy the people who are unhappy with a certain outcome and reporting others makes them feel like they achieved something. If you're confident that you did nothing wrong then just let it slide, I'm sure the moderators will at least consider each case individually before they take action


I do agree that the reporting should remain anonymous, but I think its not unreasonable to disclose at least a vague idea of the reason for being reported.

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