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The TCGO Pokemon League


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TCGO Pokémon League-- Held in the Battle Challenge Lobby. The Elite Four is: NoivernPro327. (User of ghost types and weakest of the group) Next, is 2mbird2. (User of electric decks). Then, PrincexCloud. Then last, the strongest of the Elite Four is, PokeMasterKingj. Then, if you defeat the Elite Four, You're up against the TCGO champion!!! xxGambl3xx. The average prize for winning is 3-7 packs. xxGambl3xx Uses a multitude of decks. so be warned, the league is Tough!! Post By: NoivernPro327. (Alpha Edition)

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I so want to edit your post T.T and mention we are undefeated, standard deck only and our wait time... it would be a good idea to start adding which challengers have already been defeated so they don't challenge twice on the same day. Our post looks so amateur. T.T


It's in beta mode so it's acceptable. Also the first one to defeat us all gets a extra prize from me.


If I may add a few things


To challenge us please go the the battle challenge lobby.

If we are full of challengers please wait your turn.

Do not whine about bad hands or losing, You can come again the next day. :D

You may change decks if necessary.

If you lose there is a 1 day wait.

All rules are subject to change.

Please follow the tcgo rules when in the battle challenge lobby.

We have the right to decline a challenger who breaches the rules.

We may be the elite four but we are not the best.

Our goal is to have fun

The skill levels of the elite four highly vary, So do not be surprised if you felt the first member was easy but the 3rd impossible.

We love to hear your opinions.

We are in current need of understudies to represent us when were are offline

Again this whole thing is to have FUN!

We do give out prizes, the first one to beat us all gets a special one.

Due to most of us being members of Team bulb, the ''League'' is closed during tourneys.

We are not looking for rival teams to battle us so please stop (Team Bald)

Roleplaying is fine to some extent but it is limited.

No mom jokes

No accusing of cheating or lies.

Don't hold grudges

We do have some ''regulars'' so do not think we give special treatment.

English only.

No cussing.

No ****** comments.

No spamming in lobby.

Over treat the leaders with respect and be ''nice''.

Use your head and act like a decent human being.





We are doing to have fun and we are generally active, also it seems I ran out of space so please pro copy and past this.

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Good luck with thi, I might actually come and try it out :)

On the other hand i it posible you edit ur title a bit? Cause atm its really confusing compared to the Trading Card League allready organised. Hope about the PTCGO Elite 4 Trial/Championship/Cup? Thi because afterall the TCL and this are 2 different entities both with their own set structure :)

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Also anyone is free to play, if you are new don't worry and challenge us! Please tell us so we can change our decks for you!

You get the same prizes for winning and some members may even give extra cards for trying!

Anyone can come so please challenge us!


Current Official understudy who I have personally battled Mr.saxo will take place as elite member when we have an absentee. Anyone else is not unless stated other wise.

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I just wanted to let you know I'm still interested in being an understudy. My net is being pesky today so I couldnt talk properly.

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So I think we need to edit the prize pool a little bit. 3-7 packs is alot even for a 16 player tourney. I think 3 packs is fair if someone makes it all the way through. 4 would be doable. But I will run out of packs at some point unless its being funded by all of us. So just a word of advice. We don't want people winning and not getting something for it!

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I Will contribute too, I get payed at the end of the month (5days) We are still undefeated too so no worries.

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