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Relatively new to PTCGO, made my first deck. Needs tweaking.


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Title. I'm a week old and my first deck is a psychic/water plasma deck. This is the list of cards



1x Zubat

1x Golbat

1x Plasma Crobat

1x Plasma Giratina

1x Grimer

1x Plasma Muk

3x Eevee

1x Plasma Vaporeon

1x Plasma Espeon

2x Vanillite

1x Vanillish

1x Slippery Slopes Vanilluxe




2x Energy Retrieval

3x Evosoda

2x Heavy Ball

1x Level Ball

2x Professor's Letter

1x Sacred Ash

1x Team Plasma Ball

2x Cilan

1x N

3x Pokemon Center Lady

1x Pokemon Fan Club




12x Psychic Energy

7x Water Energy

4x Double Colorless Energy

3x Plasma Energy




Assuming I had Hypnotoxic Lasers and Rare Candys I would replace energies with them.


But after that, what changes should I make to this deck? Thanks for your time to read this.

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This is a bit of a random deck that uses different strategies and too wide a plethora of pokemon. Try narrowing it down.

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Ok, so what if I change it to just a deck centered around Crobat? What would I replace the water pokemon with? I know there's a weezing card that increases poison damage. Should Toxicroak EX be put into this deck?

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Yeah, you'll want toxicroak exs and hypnobank. You can work around around that, post your deck structure and if it needs tweaking we can carry on from there

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OK here's the new structure:



2x Toxicroak EX

2x Plasma Giratina

2x Trubbish

2x Garbodor (vs Virizion EX)

3x Zubat

2x Golbat

2x Crobat



2x Energy Retriever

3x Evosoda

1x Level Ball

2x Professor's Letter

1x Sacred Ash

1x Team Plasma Ball

2x Cilan

1x N

3x Pokemon Center Lady

3x Pokemon Fan Club

4x Rare Candy

4x Hypnotoxic Lasers

4x Virbank City Gym



10x Psychic Energy

4x DCE


I don't have an ACE SPEC card. Which ACE SPEC would be good in this type of deck? Also, I was thinking of adding Poison Barrier Dragalge, but I'm not sure it would be better than Garbodor or not.


EDIT: Also, the main problem I seem to be having with the first iteration of the deck is the starting. I normally would draw 3-4 times without getting a

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I'm also wondering if Weezing would be necessary here. With one on the field Toxicroak EX could 2 shot 170 HPs (30+20+10 per turn and 80 damage but it would also be able to without it unless it has an item that reduces damage. I don't know if weezing is worth it or not but I'm betting my money on no.

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Many problems i can see arising here so ill make it as simple as possible, first big thing that stands out is your count of basic Pokemon only being 7. This will lead to multiple mulligans which will mean more cards for your opponenet and a chance for them to see a good portion of you deck and know how to prepare against you. Next problem is filler, by this i meany why run 4 Rare Candy when you only have 2 stage 2 pokemon in the whole deck being the Crobat, 4 Virbank Gym is a bit of overkill to and you can get by with only 2 of these. Next you are lacking the cards you will need to get Crobat out quick enough to where his night sight ability will even matter. Where are your N's, Colress, Juniper and Shauna? These will be needed to ensure quick flow of cards to your hand and allow you to set up your strategy quite quick. And Garbodor and Crobat? what makes Crobat even worth putting in a deck is its night sight ability that allows for quicker drawing of cards so you won't want to cut off its ability with Garbodor.


Here is a nice list based on what your going for that you probably have a good portion of the cards for and what you don't won't be to expensive to obtain. I will try to keep it as close to your list as possible only cutting down on the things you have to many of and replacing them with more useful cards.


Zubat - x3

Golbat - x2

Crobat - x2

Toxicroak EX - x2

Giratina (team plasma) - x2 (Able to take advantage of virbank/laser and an non EX big basic only gives up 1 prize)

Crogunk - x2 (Legendary Treasures)

Toxicroak - x2 (Legendary Treasures) (Revenge hits for 90 or 180 to Psychic weak pokemon)


Hypnotoxic Laser - x4

Virbank Gym - x2

Rare Candy - x2

EvoSoda - x2

Level Ball - x2

Ultra Ball - x2

Escape Rope - x2

Sacred Ash - x1

Energy Retrieval - x2

N - x3

Shauna - x3

Juniper - x2

Shauna - x2

Colress - x2


Psychic Energy - x10

Double Energy - x4


This by no means will be full proof nor is it the way i would personally run the list but since you said you were pretty new i was trying to make you a list to try that will be as competitive as possible while still being on the cheap side and be affordable to build.

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Thanks man. I know that this poison deck would have no relevance when it comes to competitions, but I play tcgs for fun and this seems pretty fun to me (even with the horrible first variation of this deck). Thanks for telling me all the flaws with my deck as well. I put the Garbodor in incase the enemy had a Virizion EX or any other pokemon with a status preventing ability (or pyroar with its ability) and I thought that negating night shift would have been a worthy sacrifice. Thanks again and I'll be completing this deck after the next tournament.

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