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electric fire deck


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hello I am only about a month into Pokémon tcg and have bought a lot of packs and stuff and a few theme decks.

after some time and building a good size binder I have built some what of a good deck ( good to me ).



I built this deck with my real cards and almost copied it card for card in online. 5 exceptions noted next to cards.


I was wondering if you guys have any tips or ideas on improving this deck or just youre opinion on this.


this deck started from the theme deck brillant thunder but there is not much left from it.

i have not watched any major tournaments or expert players on video or used online deck list when i made this.

i built it from mostly real games at a local league and still getting my **** kicked.(but still having fun)

i copyed it online only a week ago and have not modified it based on online play yet.



here is my card list In this deck as of 7/25/14



at a glance

18x energy

26X trainers (15x items 11x supporters)

16x pokémon (12x basics 1x mega EX 3x EX)




3x double colorless energy (2x legendary treasures 113/113 and 1x XY 130/146)

3x rainbow energy (XY 131/46)

7x fire

5x electric




1x (I)rock guard ace spec (plasma freeze 108/116) (only ace spec in my collection that I can use so far.)

3x (Su)pokémon center lady (FF 93/106)

3x (I)professor's letter (XY 123/146)

2x (I)ultra ball (ff 99/106)

2x (I)silver bangle (plasma blast 88/101)

1x (Su)Pokémon fan club (FF 94/106)

1x (Su)Iris (plasma blast 101/101)(online non fa)

1x (Su)Tierno (kalos starter set 39/39)

1x (I)Red Card (XY 124/146)

1x (Su)Cassius (XY 115/146)

1x (Su)Professor Sycamore (XY 122/146)

1x (I)Giant Cape (draggons exalted 114/124)

1x (Su)Caitlin (plasma blast 78/101)

1x (Su)Cedruc Juniper (Legendary treasures 110/113)

1x (I)Pal Pad (FF 92/106)

1x (I)Max Revive (XY 120/146)

1x (Su)Elesa (legendary treasures RC20/RC25)

1x (I)Startling Megaphone (FF 97/106)

1x (I)Muscle Band (XY 121/146)

1x (I)Protection Cube (FF 95/106)





1x Magnezone EX (FF35/106)(online fa)

1x Charizard EX (XY PROMO XY17)

1x Charizard EX (FF 100/106)(online is same)

1x M Charizard EX (FF 107/106)(online is same)(only evolution in this deck)

1x Kecleon (plasma freeze 94/116 reverse)(online not reverse)

1x emolga (legendary treasures 49/113)

1x zapdos (next destinies 41/99)(online same attack and hp equivalent)

1x Moltres (next destinies 14/99)(online same attack and hp equivalent)

1x zekrom (BW promo BW24)(online non promo same attack and hp equivalent)

1x tauros (XY 100/146 reverse)(online non reverse)

1x Victini (Legendary treasures 23/113)

1x torkoal (FF 16/106)

1x reshiram (Legendary treasures 114/113)(online is same)

1x reshiram (Legendary treasures 28/113)

1x kangaskhan (plasma blast 71/101)

1x Druddigon (Legendary treasures 106/113)

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