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sequence of events


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just trying to figure out how the rules of applying effects go in terms of sequence for this scenario


opponent side: dealing over 100 damage + Hypnotoxic laser on player's active


Player's side: Active: full HP Crustle with Sturdy ability active

Bench: Serperior with Royal Heal ability active.


what happens?


A: crustle takes 90 damage, royal heal heals 10, poison applies 10 back = remaining hp 10

B: crustle takes 90 damage, poison applies 10, royal heal heals 10 back = remaining hp 10

C: crustle takes 90 damage, poison applies 10, Crustle is knocked out before royal heal can heal.

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Hey there!


Since Serperior's Royal Heal Ability states that the heal can occur at any time between turns, the player may choose whether the heal occurs before or after the poison. I would think the wisest action in order to keep Crustle Active would be sequence A. Crustle would take 90 damage, the player would choose to use Royal Heal before Poison damage is applied, then Poison damage is added still leaving Crustle with 10 hp. However Knock Out is checked after the ending of events between turns, so either sequence A or B will result the same.


EDIT: Got some extra rulings clarification on Knock Out checks. Sorry for any confusion!


Hope that answers your question!

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