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Lo-Res Card Image Quality


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On one of my computer's I have switched from playing a lower resolution/fastest settings, to the highest video settings.


My problem is that even in the highest video settings, the game is still using the same image data for the cards that the game was using before. This means that (even when a right click to zoom in on an enemy pokemon) the card quality is so low that all the text on the card is mostly unreadable.


Basically it means that I can't read the move/ability data for any card on screen that I don't know by heart.



Anyone experienced this? would clearing the data cache on my windows 7 machine


"%appdata%\Pokémon Trading Card Game Online\PokemonTradingCardGameOnline\Pokemon Trading Card Game Online_Data\"


cause the game to redownload the card image data again? If so, would it download the card data in higher resolution if my game video settings are set higher?


I don't want to delete 400+ Mb of data only to see the game download the lo-res versions of the cards again.

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i has that same problem time ago , the problem was from the settings of the video card and not from the game configuration or cache

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