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Trading for packs or cards ! Old and new cards ! Prices listed


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So, I'm just looking for packs mostly. But I will keep an updated list of cards I need as well. I listed mostly just the notable things I felt like were worth listing. I have a decent amount of extra trainers, so if people need those I can also trade those. I tried to list as much as possible, but I'm honestly kind of lazy :\


BW/XY stuff:


Xerneas EX ( 3 packs )

Zekrom EX ( 2 packs )

Toradus EX [PF-FULL ART] ( 4 packs)

Venusaur EX [FULL] ( 4 packs )

Raikou EX ( 4 packs )

Magnezone EX [FULL] (3 packs)

Kyurem EX [FULL] (3 packs)

Mew EX [DRX] ( 3 packs )

2x Cresselia EX (2 packs each)

4x Black Kyurem EX [bC] (2 packs each)


Secret Rare:

Terrakion (6 packs)


Random other stuff:

11x Super Scoop up (1 pack each )

2x Pokemon Collector (2 packs each)

Lots of other trainers for 0.5 pack each. Buy 4 get one free. Feel free to ask.



Black Kyurem EX (PF)

Pyroar (FF)



Order of interest:

1. Plasma Freeze

2. Plasma Blast

3. Flashfire




Again, I have a lot more than listed, but I got lazy. So I listed all the important ones I felt like, but I'm a bit out of the loop honestly.

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ill ill take an ampharos prime and both halves of the ho-oh legend. my ff packs are tagged, thank you :)

This offer has been made :)

Just a total up:

Full Ho-oh legend: 10 packs

1x Ampharos: 5 packs

TOTAL 15 packs

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I'll take the rest of the Primes and Legends you have left! I have Flash Fires tagged, thank you!

Sending offer: Just a total:

2x Ampharos prime = 10 packs

2x Magnezone prime = 10 packs

2x Feraligatr prime = 8 packs

1x Blissey prime = 3 packs

1x DarkraixCresselia half = 3 packs

1x PalkiaxDialga half = 3 packs

TOTAL = 37 packs

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