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I found this deck about a month ago and decided to play it, it was terrible, but fun to play. This is NOT a competitive deck, but if you win, good for you


Here is the list:


4 Rayquaza EX

28 Fire energy

28 Electric energy




Attach and Celestial roar (and pray you don't hit a Rayquaza) then 180 KO next turn


Curious where this leads to….

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I wouldn't want to add too much to this deck, but perhaps a few cards to make it run better;


4x Ether (with a lot of energy, the chances of an energy card at the top of your deck is quite significant)

4x Ultra ball (pull rayquaza if you need another on your bench in case the first gets KO'd, and to discard fire energies)

4x Blacksmith (Attach the discarded energies fast)


So, to change it, but keep it's basis as a fun, non-competitive deck;


4 Rayquaza-EX

28 Fire energy

16 Electric energy

4 Ether

4 Ultra Ball

4 Blacksmith

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Blacksmith unfortunately only works for fire types :(


Below is my current Quadza list, some cards I have thrown in mainly for the fun of it, there are definitely improvements to be made.


Pokémon (5):

4x Rayquaza EX

1x Rayquaza DV (I want to at least have a slim chance against Pyroar and safeguarders)


Trainers (18):

1x Computer Search

4x Ether

1x Switch

1x Ultra Ball

4x Skyla

2x Pokemon Center Lady (one of the few decks where you can actually consider this card)

2x Juniper

1x N

1x Skyarrow Bridge

1x Muscle Band


Energy (37):

18 Fire

19 Lightning

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