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Name Censored


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I didn't know where to put this, or if this was the valid place to do so, but I have a slight problem; for some reason my name is censored. People can't say it on public chat within the PTCGO. I've looked over my name numerous times, it contains no profanity. I was curious if it maybe contained profanity in a different language, but I have yet to find any. My name has no offensive historical roots, ****** slurs, or anything similar, it is literally just a reference/inspired name;


********; one without a ****, destiny. Inspired by Kingdoms of Amular; Reckoning and Dragon's Dogma.


Now, I'm sure you can see how this can be a problem when people try to speak with me on public chat, as I am rarely aware of what messages were meant for me, unless I'm pm'd with them.


I'd just like a little insight into it,



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Unfortunately the censors in just about anything by Nintendo or especially the Pokemon Company are... overzealous, to say the least. I remember that you couldn't actually trade Cofagrigus over the GTS without a nickname when Black and White came out due to poor censor choices.


My first guess was that the censor isn't at all context-aware and in this case believed you were using a shorter term for overweight, which would be an odd choice for censorship no matter how young players might be. Weirdly enough, though, it seems I can type out fat just fine; it's only censored with the e on the end, and I can't imagine why.

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