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Beginners format


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I'm not sure if this has been suggested before, but it would definitely be of use (even though it no longer applies to myself);


A new format available to players who have a small amount of in-game time that allows them to battle other new players. The option should not be available to the more skilled, long term players. I suggest this because when I was just getting started, the only matches I could find were against ridiculously powerful tier 1/2 decks, which with a few evolution chains from the starter decks, I had no chance of winning. I've advanced far enough to be able to win a lot of my duels, even against said decks, but I still think this would be useful for the newer players.


To recap my suggestion; every player with less than 12-24 hours of in game time get to access the format. The format will have no restrictions so that all of the cards from the 4 starting decks (B&W red, green, blue and orange) can be used. The format will be optional so that players who want to test themselves can just go into the standard play.


Something worth considering.


PS. Great work on the mystery wheel patch; I adore the mystery prize, so much tension when waiting for the match to finish to see what I earned ^_^

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Hi there!


Glad to hear that you like the spin to win! I will pass along your Beginners Format suggestion to the development team.


Thank you for your input, it is always appreciated!

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