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Team bulbasaur LIVE TOURNAMENTS June 30th in game rules room 3pm. SIGN UP NOW PRIZE 10 PACKS


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Hello fellow Bulbasaurians. I will be holding weekend tournaments on the forums. This week tournament Begins on friday. You will have to scheduel a time on forums to play your opponenet. Sunday will be the Finals. Sign up is free but players who donate receive larger prizes. 

Rules: Single Elimination Best of  5 Matches

Format: Standard deck only. You can change decks between matches.


Time: Disconnection is a loss. Make sure you will have enough time to find opponent and play during the weekend.

Prize: 10 Packs For players who donate; 5 Packs for those who do not. No second place prize. 


Cheaters: Please export log after match in case of cheaters. Otherwise I'll will be forced to pick a winner by coin flip


Sign ups JUNE 30TH IN GAME RULES ROOM AT 3PM EASTERN: (Only 8 spots max)


1. Bulb









November 28th: 1st Dozey; 2nd Destiny Slayer

December 5th: 1st XJedithious; 2nd Bulb

December 12: 1st Sudeeparker; 2nd Bulb

December 20th: 1st XJedithious; 2nd Bulb

January 17th: 1st Bulb; 2nd Blandano

February 13th: 1st Salty; 2nd Bulb

February 27th: 1st Jared; 2nd Shinsones

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It's good to win another won of your tourneys bulb! since the one i won was expanded, do i get any fame? LOL

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Points given:

May 6th 2015: Jared 800; Infinitypie 400; Ryukenchi 200; Pikachu 200; Bulb 100; Bash 100; Alibest 100; Legion


May 8th 2015: Meta: 800; Bulb 400; Jared 200; Iron; 200; trains 200; Poker 100; Agarnett 100; Murkrow 100; 


May 11 2015; Trains 800; Lucky 400; Bulb 200; Dasmu 200; Ali 100; Forsaken 100; nick 100; Iron 100


May 15, 2015 Cwarfare 600; Kidouken 300; Awesomeguy 150; Dragonlover 75; Bulb 75; Machamptheprime 75


May 19, 2015 Thetrainerbz 800; Bulb 400; Asians 200; Beto 200; 8051 100; Brysonstyle 100; Blandano1 (100) 

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thanks for letting me in something. Its really hard for me to play cause my country (Myanmar) dont sell legit pokemon packs to scan or actually play with. :/ i'll trying online shopping for codes when i have a visa card or something..

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Hello, hello? hi! I'd like to join!


Sorry I've missed the past tournaments, but will be there for the next.

IMPORTANT EDIT[in my opinion]: My username on ptcgo is K2EC, forgot to mention that, so sorry!

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Long live TEAM BULBASAUR. Awesome tournament idea bulb. Your tourneys are gonna be awesome with the new ranking system. I vote you for "All-Star Bro of The Year"

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Thanks for joining Afronasty. I may need your help with some prizes. I'm running a little low. Anyway, keep checking for updates. See ya.

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Hey bulb, I would like to join

the team, but will me in mexico until the 9th, so I cannot compete.

But otherwise, I will be planning on being in the tornuments from then unless something else occurs. Thanks!

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i would like to join the team too! Tournaments are always fun.

(i am not a guest i just dont know how i got this screen name)

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I got your name Down Andrea. thanks for joining. See you Friday. I also got ROlF, IronBAT and Guest208846 down. SO far only Andrea has joined the tournament for Friday. If you want to join Type 'TOURNAMENT FRIDAY JULY 25. And i'll put you on the list.

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