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Type tournament (2nd anniversary)


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Mega Type Tournament (2nd anniversary)





Hello everyone, this is seeker33 and i'm along with my trusty online friend Rolfeddyboy, Me and Rolf are going to host the 2nd anniversary Team tournament.

Last years tournament was a complete success as dragon team (Grizzlych only) won last years tourney but only about 30% of all players participated, this year will be different to make sure all players can play unless they have a reason to not to play.


Here are the rules:



The format of the tournament will be unlimited.



Players must play with only 1 type of the team they are in (excluding basic evolutions of cards that evolve to that type)



any energy can be used



up to 4 exs can be used but max of 2 copys of a name of that card.



up to 4 primes can be used but max of 2 copys of a name of that card.



no laser/virbank


lucario (dual armour) is allowed for steel, any riolu also


abomasnow and floette (ability) is allowed for grass, any pre evolution also


M Charizard EX (dragon type) is only allowed to fire due to high usage of the regular charizard's EX


fire types can only use max of 2 charizard ex (stoke/M-a/CB) not 2 of each of the different one


Prizes: all packs will be random from ND-FF (FUF maybe)



1st: 20 packs (10 each player)


2nd: 16 packs (8 each player)


3rd: 10 packs (5 each player)


4th: 4 packs (2 each player)





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Round rules:



the tournament is a swiss round tournament and you will earn points on the match 2 point if you win and 1 point if you lose.



there are several amounts of rounds and each round will be 5 days long.


each round is a best 2/3 match


if your opponent doesnt show and your opponent responded, you win that round


if both players didnt respond and didnt battle, they both receive 0 points and if it happens again for a 2nd time with reason, points will be deducted for that team,


any problems, post here, or pm rolf or me


deck change is allowed between rounds but not matches


any disconnections are decided by the players and choose to redo the match.




the top 4 teams with the highest points will be in the semi finals and the finals



the winning team of the semi will go to the final and the losing team will be battling for 3rd place



if total matches are tied eg. 2/1 and 1/2 for that round, there will be a bo1 with 1 of each member to decide the winner of that match.

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For each round, you are required to play BOTH players on the opposing team, and post your results for both matches here.


Round 5: You have until Monday, August 25th at 6 PM EST to finish your matches. Good luck everyone! This is the last round so we will be announcing the top 4 teams afterwards!


Psychic vs. Fairy

Seeker33 vs. Supernova51D: 0-2

Seeker33 vs. Cherryllia

Chiguy vs. Supernova51D

Chiguy vs. Cherryllia


Dragon Vs. Water

MrSaxo vs. Kanacho

MrSaxo vs. TheGolfCoast

Keybrdkid09 vs. Kanacho

Keybrdkid09 vs. TheGolfCoast


Grass vs. Dark

Rolfeddyboy vs. Yungzhee: 0-2

Rolfeddyboy vs. Wiggajigga: 1-2

Birthingenvy vs. Yungzhee: 2-1

Birthingenvy vs. Wiggajigga


Fighting vs. Metal

Wronglai vs. Matthew69

Wronglai vs. Goofy_Ninja

Samurott0526 vs. Matthew69

Samurott0526 vs. Goofy_Ninja


Lightning vs. Fire

Wiz-Prince vs. PokeMasterKingJ

Wiz-Prince vs. Garchomprocks

Aloeb vs. PokeMasterKingJ

Aloeb vs. Garchomprocks




Round 4: You have until Saturday, August 15th at 6 PM EST to finish your matches. Good luck everyone!


Psychic vs. Grass

Seeker33 vs. Rolfeddyboy:v0-2

Seeker33 vs. Birthingenvy: 0-2

Chiguy vs. Rolfeddyboy: 1-2

Chiguy vs. Birthingenvy: 0-2


Dragon Vs. Lightning

MrSaxo vs. Wiz-Prince

MrSaxo vs. Aloeb: 2-0

Keybrdkid09 vs. Wiz-Prince: 1-2

Keybrdkid09 vs. Aloeb: 2-1


Metal vs. Fire

Matthew69 vs. PokeMasterKingJ: 1-2

Matthew69 vs. Garchomprocks

Goofy_Ninja vs. PokeMasterKingJ

Goofy_Ninja vs. Garchomprocks


Fighting vs. Dark

Wronglai vs. Yungzhee

Wronglai vs. Wiggajigga

Samurott0526 vs. Yungzhee

Samurott0526 vs. Wiggajigga: 0-2


Fairy vs. Water

Supernova51D vs. Kanacho: 0-2

Supernova51D vs. TheGolfCoast

Cherryllia vs. Kanacho

Cherryllia vs. TheGolfCoast: 0-2




Round 3: You have until Sunday, August 10th at 6 PM EST to finish your matches. Good luck everyone!


Psychic vs. Dragon

Seeker33 vs. MrSaxo: 0-2

Seeker33 vs. Keybrdkid09

Chiguy vs. MrSaxo

Chiguy vs. Keybrdkid09


Fire vs. Fighting

PokeMasterKingJ vs. Wronglai

PokeMasterKingJ vs. Samurott0526: 2-0

Garchomprocks vs. Wronglai

Garchomprocks vs. Samurott0526


Metal vs. Dark

Matthew69 vs. Yungzhee: 2-1

Matthew69 vs. Wiggajigga

Goofy_Ninja vs. Yungzhee

Goofy_Ninja vs. Wiggajigga


Grass vs. Fairy

Birthingenvy vs. Supernova51D: 2-0

Birthingenvy vs. Cherryllia

Rolfeddyboy vs. Supernova51D: 1-2

Rolfeddyboy vs. Cherryllia: 2-0


Lightning vs. Water

Wiz-Prince vs. Kanacho

Wiz-Prince vs. TheGolfCoast: 1-2

Aloeb vs. Kanacho

Aloeb vs. TheGolfCoast: 0-2




Round 2: You have until Tuesday, August 5th at 6 PM EST to finish your matches. Good luck everyone!


Dragon vs. Fire

MrSaxo vs. PokeMasterKingJ: 2-0

MrSaxo vs. Garchomprocks: 0-0

Keybrdkid09 vs. PokeMasterKingJ: 1-2

Keybrdkid09 vs. GarchompRocks: 1-2


Psychic vs. Lightning

Seeker33 vs. Wiz-Prince: 0-0

Seeker33 vs. Bigboygio: 0-0

Chiguy vs. Wiz-Prince: 2-0

Chiguy vs. Bigboygio: 0-0


Grass vs. Fighting

Birthingenvy vs. Wronglai: 1-2

Birthingenvy vs. Samurott0526: 0-0

Rolfeddyboy vs. Wronglai: 2-0

Rolfeddyboy vs. Samurott0526: 0-2


Metal vs. Fairy

Matthew69 vs. Supernova51D: 1-2

Matthew69 vs. Cherryllia: 2-0

Goofy_Ninja vs. Supernova51D: 0-0

Goofy_Ninja vs. Cherryllia: 0:0


Dark vs. Water

Yungzhee vs. Kanacho: 2-0

Yungzhee vs. TheGolfCoast: 0-0

Wiggajigga vs. Kanacho: 0-0

Wiggajigga vs. TheGolfCoast: 2-0




Round 1: You have until Thursday, July 31st at 6 PM EST to finish your matches. Good luck everyone!


Dark vs. Dragon

Yungzhee vs. MrSaxo: 0-0

Yungzhee vs. Keybrdkid09: 2-0

Wiggajigga vs. MrSaxo: 0-0

Wiggajigga vs. Keybrdkid09: 2-0


Fire vs. Psychic

PokeMasterKingJ vs. Seeker33: 1-2

PokeMasterKingJ vs. Chiguy: 2-0

Garchomprocks vs. Seeker33: 0-0

Garchomprocks vs. Chiguy: 0-0


Metal vs. Water

Matthew69 vs. Kanacho: 2-0

Matthew69 vs. TheGolfCoast: 2-0

Goofy_Ninja vs. Kanacho: 2-0

Goofy_Ninja vs. TheGolfCoast: 2:0


Grass vs. Lightning

Birthingenvy vs. Wiz-Prince: 2-1

Birthingenvy vs. Wiz-Prince: 2-0

Rolfeddyboy vs. Wiz-Prince: 2-0

Rolfeddyboy vs. Bigboygio: 2-1


Fighting vs. Fairy

Wronglai vs. Supernova51D: 0-2

Wronglai vs. Cherryllia: 2-0

Samurott0526 vs. Supernova51D: 0-2

Samurott0526 vs. Cherryllia: 2-1

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To earn points to reach to the top four here is a list.


win: 2 points


Lose: 1 point


win 3 rounds in a row: 5 points


win 2/0 against both players in a round: 3 points


play the round within 24 hours of when the round started: 2 points for both winner and loser


you only receive 3 points if you won the round and you didnt battle due to opponent no show.


points may be decreased due to these reasons:


you don't battle or show up within deadline of round without reason: -3


cheating: -2


have a reason and didn't battle your opponent in that round +0



Team Type























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Meh Fire




Won 1 lost 2 to psychic Team member Seeker33

Won 2 lost 0 to psychic team memer chicguy

Won 2 lost 1 to dragon team member Keybrdkid09

Won 0 lost 2 to dragon team member mr .saxo

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So is anyone allowed to join and do you get to choose your partner and type you want to play?



What day the tournament will be?


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What day the tournament will be?



the date for the tourney will be announced when all spots are filled.

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EDIT: I changed my mind. I will go with Metal. Thanks


I'm joining with Goofy_Ninja's team (I say team, just us two lol) :).

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I'd probably like Grass plz although I wouldn't mind giving it away to who ever signs up for it next!

And what would you say about Abomasnow? :) :) ..... :)

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Ah sorry supernova, I would love to have you on the grass team but I have it reserved for my friend who I have not seen on recently, so would you be ok with joining any other team? :)

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I'll sign up! this is going to me fun!!!!!!!!!!!!


What team would you like to join? :)


i wanna participate with my fire deck.

(im not a guest i just got this stupid screenname somehow)


Hi, to prevent issues, please make sure that your fire deck follows all the rules listed on page one. I would be glad to sign you up, but can I have your IGN?

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i can assure u that my deck follows the rules but i cant understand what ign means.


Your user name in-game

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