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I want to share my favourite deck with you, it has won about80% of its games and it’s one of my bests. (IDK sets so I’ll use attacks)

Non-Ex Pokémon 1 of each

Yveltal (Oblivion Wing)

Black Kyurem (FlashFreeze)

Rayquaza (DragonPulse)

Terrakion (Retaliate)

Genesect( Jet Impact)

Giratina (Shadow Claw)

Suicune (Safeguard)

EX pokemon 1 of each

Xerneas EX

Mew EX

Excadrill EX

Kyurem EX (Hail Blizzard)

Mewtwo EX

Shaymin EX

Heatran EX


2 Dual Ball

2 Full Heal

1 Master Ball

2 Potion

1 Town Map

2 Cilan

1 Engineer’s adjustments

2 Fisherman

2 Prof Oak new theory

1 Skyla


2 Dark

2 Fairy

3 Fighting

3 Fire

3 Grass

2 Lighting

4 Psychic

3 Water

1 G/F/P/D blend energy

1 L/S/W/F blend energy


2 Plasma energy

2 Prism

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