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Guest ArtichokeCat

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Here's my deck that I'm using for the Battle Frontier challenge at the moment.


Pokemon: 15

3-3 FF Rapidash

2-2 DRX Ninetales

1-1 Dragalge

2 LT Victini

1 PF Mr. Mime


Trainer: 37


4 N

4 Professor Sycamore

2 Colress

2 Skyla

2 Shadow Triad


4 Level Ball

2 Evosoda

2 Super Rod

1 Professor's Letter

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

2 Pokemon Catcher

2 Switch


2 Virbank City Gym

4 Muscle Band


Energy: 8

8 Fire Energy


Any suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated!

(I'm especially looking forward to what the Frontier Brains have to say.)

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Hey, Dr. Professor here. I have a few suggestions. I would recommend taking out your 2 Catcher and replacing them with either 1-2 Devolution Spray or one more of both a Ponyta and a Rapidash. I've thought about this deck before, and I like where you're going with it. I just think a more solid line of Rapidash would be needed. Also, not sure on your stance on EX's with this deck, but let me recommend adding in a Virizion EX. Also, take out 4 fire and add in 4 of the GFPD Blend Energy. That way, you are immune to laser, and hopefully immune to damage. Again, not sure on your vision for this deck (i.e. Ex's, tanking, etc.). Well, anyway, good luck and God bless!!


P.S. After the maintenance, my friends list should be fixed. If it is, we need to friend each other and do some battling/deck discussion!

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Guest ArtichokeCat

1. Catcher has been great for me during Play-testing.

2. I have been thinking about including my 1 Devo-Spray, but decided against it as it was too slow. Catcher is better.

3. I can recycle my Pokemon with Super Rod.

4. Yeah, I'm not using EXs in the challenge.

5. As of now I'm plotting of ways to take down Gourgeist Spread.

6. Muted Indefinitely, but can still battle!



Ninetales is a great sweeper:

Ninetales+ Muscle Band+ Laser Heads+ Virbank= 170 damage.

More importantly,

Ninetales+ LaserBank= 100 Damage

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Well, in that case, it looks pretty good! Also, just thought, what is your stance on Ace Specs? If you're for them, I'd definitely recommend either Computer Search or Dowsing Machine. Rock Guard could be fun if you keep flipping heads for Agility.... I'm assuming you're doing the Frontier Battle challenge? Well, good luck and God bless!!

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Actually, about Rock Guard, it doesn't do any damage to the attacker if their attack does no damage (due to Agility, for example). Kind of a weird technicality, but then again, those are all over the TCG. XD

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Yeah, Dowsing Machine is definitely Ace Spec of choice.

I just didn't have it when I started the challenge.

I'll probably have to reset anyway when the rotation happens.

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Guest ArtichokeCat
Someone do me a favor and tell me what does he mean by frontier brains?


Go to the PVP section of the forums and read the front page of the thread:


The Trading Card League: Battle Frontier


Hopefully that'll explain.

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I feel Dowsing machine is a better ace spec, because once this deck is set, you want to recycle the recourses, not use them, knocking out computer search. Rock Guard wouldn't work, unless your opponent doesn't realize that they don't have to attack ( Heads agility+ Mime ) they can just beach or something and not get hurt.


Have fun with the idea.

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