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Fun stuff up for trade !


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I have the following up for trades :D

-Reverse holo Thundurus 50/113

-reverse holo Terrakion 84/113

-Reverse holo Zapdos 46/113

-Holo Moltres 22/113

-2x meganium prizes from the wheel

-4x minun prizes from the wheel

-Black kyurem Ex 100/113

-2x holo goodra

-Kanghaskhan regular ex

-Skarmory regular ex 80/146

-Shaymin ex full art rc21/rc25


-4x Meloetta ex regular rc11/rc25

-2x Lugia ex regular 102/113

-full art magnezone ex from flashfire

-Mega Blastoise ex


Mostly looking for other ex's

Just shoot me an offer in ptcgo to Bliztnemo

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