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Giving One of my best decks wich i've made 17/06/2014 ;)


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Please Enjoy :) !;)


Pokemon ( *****

** Chikorita

x1 Bayleef

x3Meganium ( Promo *


** genesect EX

X2 Virizion EX

X2 Pikachu

x2 Raichu


X1 Yveltal EX


Trainers (****


** Colress Machine

x3 level Balls

X3 Max potions

x1 Prof's letter

x2 Rare Candy ( HGSS)

X2 Ultra Balls

x2 Colress

x3 N

x3 Juniper

x1 Professor Elm 's training Method

x2 Skyla

x1 Skyrrow Badge

x3 Muscle Band


Energy ( ******

*** Plasma Energy

x4 Blend WFDG

x6 Grass

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