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Keldeo/Lapras deck; any improvements?


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3x FA Keldeo EX.

4x Lapras (w/ Seafaring)

4x Manaphy (w/ Seafaring)

2x Squirtle (w/ ability).

1x Wartortle.

2x Blastoise (w/ ability).


1x Computer Search.

4x Ether.

2x Pokédex.

2x Rare Candy.

4x Ultra Ball.

3x Interviewer's Questions.

3x Skyla.

2x Pokémon Center.

3x Float Stone.


20x Water Energy.





Is there any card that you can think of that would improve this deck?

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Guest ArtichokeCat






I just thought that Leafeon would mess this deck up.

Maybe a counter? (Silver Mirror)

Also the ever-present Yveltal EX.

Maybe take out some Lapras and Manaphy for a 2-2 Raichu line?

Your deck seems very straight-forward in terms of strategy and card choice though. :)

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Why not use standard blastoise deck w/ Black Kyurem EX (Black Ballista)? I mean you have FA Keldeo-ex, I doubt that you are running on a budget. Do you want a deck list?

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I really dislike manaphy in this deck, like artichokecat said, maybe a 2-2 line of Raichu is in order?



20 energy? I thought of this deck and I thought that my 15 energy was high, maybe lower it to 13-14 and add some techs and other good stuff (Silver Mirror, Black Kyurem EX, more Blastoise, to name a few)

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