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Game causes Heating


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Okay, I'll start this post by outlining the specs of my Laptop


Acer Aspire V5-575-b967


Intel pentium b967 dual core (sandy bridge) 1.3ghz

6gb ddr3 ram

intel HD 3000 inbuilt graphics

500gb harddrive

windows 7


While on pokemon tcg online, I have noticed that my laptop gets quite hot. I've toned the resolution down, and have very little running in the background.


Lag is not an issue here.


So I decided to investigate.


I activated my power saving mode, which I've configured to throttle the cpu to 50%


obviously it no longer gets hot while playing pokemon tcg online.


The surprising thing is that there is no lag still, it runs quite happily, exactly the same as before.


So the only conclusion I can come up with is that the game by default uses more cpu power than it actually needs, maxing out the cpu and therefore generating heat.


I can only guess here but you may need to alter the code slightly so that the game doesn't over extend itself.


There is nothing wrong with my laptop considering I can run Skyrim on it, without generating lots and lots of heat, and every other program I've used runs in a normal fashion.


My laptop is on a table with all the fans clear and it is in full working order so that isn't the problem.


I just thought it would be good to inform you of this issue.




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Same happened to me. I justt put the lappy in front of an ac so it cooled down XD But yeah, it is a serious design flaw.

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Glad I'm not going mad, at least I know now to just stick it on my personalized power saver mode. Hopefully they fix this potentially fatal issue.

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I have found that on my CPU with the HD4000 integrated GPU starting the game and leaving it at the login screen sends the chip to thermal overload and the computer will freeze and shut down. I believe that the computer is at fault to some degree as a GPU Stress testing programs does the same thing. I have no issues doing day to day operations that are not GPU intensive.


My only issue is what is stressing my GPU at the login screen?

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Just a simple suggestion to those having heating problems. If the fan on your laptop is accessible take to cover plate off and check for a dust clog. I am using a 6 year old Dell Inspiiron 1545 and had the heating problem on TCGO about 2 years ago. I found a massive half inch thick plus dust clog over the opening to the fan and after removing it the PC never got hot running this game since. My specs are far lower then the first person made mention of as well running only 4 GB of RAM, a Dual Core 2.2 GHz processor and a Mobile Intell ® 4 Series Express with 1695 MB of available Graphics memory while running Windows 8.


Another tip is to make sure try running the game with these settings


Tool Tips - Off

Play Attack Effects - On

Play Basic Effects - On

Card Animation - On

Evolution Animatiion - Off

Coin Animation - Off

Click and Drag - Optional


Screen Resolution - 1280 x 720

Windowed Box - Checked

Performance Setting - Fastest


I realize this prob wont work the same for everyone but this is the best settings for me that i have found for this game.

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