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Where's my Miltank?

Guest ArtichokeCat

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Guest ArtichokeCat

So, I redeemed a Mystic Typhoon theme deck from the Shop.

I beat 12 Trainers in the Trainer Challenge to get a Flashfire Booster pack.

I go to the Deck Wizard and type in 'Miltank.'

However, the Miltank from the Mystic Typhoon theme deck isn't there.

I can see it in my Collection,

I can see it in my Mystic Typhoon theme deck,

and when I clone the theme deck, I can see it in the cloned theme deck.


EDIT; Never mind, the Miltank eventually appeared in the Deck Wizard.

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Hi ArtichokeCat,


I'm glad to hear that this was resolved! I'll be closing this thread now.


Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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