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I have a suggestion and kind of a question about censorship in this game. Now, I realize this is game mainly aimed at minors and strong and vulgar language is naturally forbidden, however, a big portion of players are people in their twenties. And censoring filter there being by default is ok, but what I don't understand why isn't there option to turn off that filter? Instead when a censored word is used it shows the whole message as that smiley. That's kinda good solution, actually...


However I got suggestion how to improve on the system;


Implement option to turn off the language filter or even to just 'soften' it up in a way that not whole message gets deleted. Make it in 3 levels, complete censorship that will show the smiley, slightly moderate one where only words that are bad get censored, but message stays (2) and and lastly completely turn off filter (3). That way little kids that are under parent's supervision still get to see the ever-so-present smiley face and rest of people if they choose so get the unabridged version. And if someone still doesn't like to see bad words but hates when messages get deleted can choose middle option to just censor the bad words. As I understand there is option under accounts where parents can add their kids and therefore control them, kids wouldn't get access to filters so all stays clean.


One more thing regarding that, when I'm talking with my friend in our language that's not english we randomly get censored, then it takes usually few tries to type same message over and over again because it's impossible sometimes to find the word that gets censored. Even the weird spellings get censored. It gets so annoying to the point that whatever someone wanted to say is just left unsaid, cause figuring out how to avoid filter gets silly.

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Hey Ironelf!


Thank you for your feedback; it's always welcome and appreciated!


We have passed it along to the development team!



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