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I'm going to post decks and see what you all think of them as I develop as a new player of Pokémon TCG :)


My first deck I have affectionately called "Torrential Punch" as it is based around Water and Fighting energy. Here it is:




Gible x3

Gabite x2

Garchomp x1


Timburr x3

Gurdurr x2

Conkeldurr x2


Keldeo EX x1


Kyurem EX x1


Oshawott x3

Dewott x2

Samurott x1



Energy Retrieval x3

Bianca x2

Cheren x3

Cilan x3

N x3

Professor Elm's Training Method x2

Giant Cape x2



Fighting Energy x10

Water Energy x10

Double Colourless Energy x1


I know this is a n00b deck but please give constructive criticisms.





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Okay, I'm not going to say I'm great at this game, or very experienced, but I think I can give some basic advice on your deck at least:


-Having 3 different 2-stage evolutions may be too much.

-A 3-2-1 distribution for 2-stage evolutions isn't great. I'm still kind of experimenting with it myself, but I find a 3-1-3 distribution does pretty well (assuming you have Rare Candies).

-Would replace Cilan with Professor's Letter and Elm with Evosoda, both have similar effects, but if you put in some Skylas you can search for them and use them in the same turn.

-Since you have a bunch of 2-stage evolutions, Rare Candy would be very useful (would bring 4).

-Would replace Cheren with Juniper for better card draw.

-Would add some Level/Ultra Balls to search for Pokémon.

-Would remove some energy.

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I assume this list looks like this do to a lack of resources, first things first the energy count is insanely high. Second the Garchomp line is extremely thin as well. Need to at least make it 3-2-3 if not 4-2-4. Another fall back here is withough Altaria Garchomp losses almost all of its luster. Also you have 3 seperate stage 2 lines of pokemon all of which seem to run 1 copy of the final stage evolution. But if you have limited resources as i suggested above here is a list you should be able to make happen still with very little expense involved to make the list better.


If at all possible eliminate 2 of those evolution lines and focus on one of them.


4-2-4 line on the Garchomp would be the most ideal.


The Keldeo EX and Kyurem ex are great for backup and strong hitters so leave those where they are.


Cut your energy count down to 12 or less preferably, also replace Cilan with a better option like super rod to retrieve lost energy and pokemon.


Better supporter options would be pretty much near anything, add more Juniper/Sycamore, Skyla (if possible), Shauna even would be better and with the reduced energy count you should have no problem increasing the number of these you run if they are available to you.


Next you should look at ways to do more damage with Garchomp or at least some energy acceleration for the Keldeo EX and Kyurem EX so their somewhat costly attacks can at least happen quicker and reduce the risk of being knocked out before being charged up.


Finally without trying to be rude the item list here is just awful, you will need Super Rod, Ultra Ball, Level Ball, Float Stones or Escape Ropes and so on. There is a lot of room for improvement on this list. If you are interested and have a random junk common card that is trade-able i may be able to help you out and get you some of the cards you need for very cheap.


I would much rather face someone with a good structured deck and help them out with it and at the same time allow those players to get a better enjoyment out of the game their selves, best of luck and hope these suggestions help you.

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