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Can't play against my kids


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Hi there.


I've finally managed to become friends with my three kids on the pokemon-site instead of trying to find them in-game.

But, alas, they don't show up on my friend list.

I'm playing the game on two different computers - one with my own and one of my kids profile, but in both games the friend list are blank.


Has anybody had any succes on playing against their kids?


My kids profiles are under my own on pokemon.com, but I've had no succes on making them 'open' I can only make it save the 'custom' settings, but that should stille allow me to play versus-mode with them, right?


Best regards Mikkel - Copenhagen, Denmark

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Hi Miktit,


All of your accounts should be ********* as friends now in TCGO. If you have further problems with it, please contact Customer Support by clicking the link in my signature and using "Ask a Question".


Hope this helps!

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