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How to deal with Lucario-EX?


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Hiya PTCGO community! I am need of some help on a deck I am constructing for a tourney coming soon to my area IRL and we are allowed to use cards from the next set before it's offical release. (basically printing them off a site and putting them over a card in a sleeve-this is called proxy) I made a pretty balanced deck although there could be something that I am not aware of, so this is why I ask you trainers to help my out! Any and every tips will be greatly appreciated! If you are wondering what is my deck this is my deck list. Also I know Mewtwo-EX will be a great addition, although I am poor and can't afford the promo or LT version. On a small budget and have many cards and I will see If I could trade for one or two.

~Pokemon (15 Total)~

Lucario-EX x3

M Lucario-EX x1

Machop (Furious Fists) x2

Machamp (Furious Fists) x2

Landorus (Furious Fists) x1

Sawk (Plasma Blast) x1

Trubbish x1

Garbodor (Garbotoxin) x1

Landorus-EX x1

Mewtwo-EX x1

Keldeo-EX x1

~Trainers (32 Total)~

Scramble Switch x1

Switch x1

Pokemon Catcher x2

Level Ball x1

Ultra Ball x1

Crushing Hammer x1

Max Potion x1

Energy Search x1

Energy Switch x2

Super Rod x2

Rare Candy x2

Float Stone x1

Radiant Gown x1

Focus Sash x1

Training Stadium x3

Colress x1

Skyla x2

Professor Juniper x2

N x2

Korrina x3

~Energy (14 Total)~

Fighting Energy x9

Strong Energy x4

DCE x1

Thanks very much for taking a look at my deck and hope you can help me in a any way you can!

Best Regards,


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No Landorus-EX? That card's price skyrocketed ever since the news of XY3 came out.

Oh yea lol, might as well. I'll will take out LucarioEX x1 and focus sash x1 for LandorusEX x2

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How to deal with Lucario Ex? Ask Mewtwo :)

Haha yea I expect many Mirror matches and decks that have Mewtwo-EX or even Yveltal-EX as resistance. I will do more testing and to see how it will play out.

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