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[game bug]


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Several simple bugs i notice.


1. Sometimes in the trade system the quantity for trade got to be a minimum of 4, 8,16 etc per card, then after restart comes back to normal (you can put one or whatever u want). its weird check that.


2. The Pokemon Kangaskhan when u use the ability "call for family" the text doesn't appear and shows a mess up colors.


3. I couldn't access the tournaments beta test yesterdays like i did before. don't know why.


4. The Pokemon mr mime and his static ability(Bench Barrier) sometimes doesn't work when receive attacks and i mean attacks not ability's from Pokemon that put damage on benchmark. Pls check all Pokemon that attack benched Pokemon and are related to mr mime ability.


5. I have been muted 2 times because of making friendship with other players u really need substantial improvements on your chat filter. last time i was talking about music and give my mixclound to a friend and u muted me. y its a external link, but u should do like google addwords and put keywords to aloud some sites words in the middle of a conversation, its ridiculous, we are in 2014 using internet its impossible not writing sites names or something that isn't online. Improve chat system we are not here just to play.


6.Can u explain all players in the world why only Canada can buy gems or others things that are locked to others?

I know u want to improve beta client until is safe for transaction at least is what i think but mates i put money in magic the gathering online, hearthstone etc etc you are losing money each day pass. the world wanna buy u gems. u gone be so rich u got no idea. just work on that gems system and unlock it. its good for us and its good for u. hurry up!


7. well i really don't wanna tell this one but its ok, i buy pikachu cloths for my avatar and then i trade it for somecards. guess what? i still have it and it is on my avatar. check that as well



well thats all folks best regards and GG

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Thank you for your suggestions and bug report! I have forwarded your report through the proper channels so that they can be reviewed and better investigated.


Thanks again!

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Hello DavidReal!


For bugs 2 and 4, it would be incredibly helpful if you could provide more information. For bug 3, you can report all Tournaments testing issues in the Official Bug Thread for Tournament Testing in this subforum. For bug 7, we would greatly appreciate if you could submit a support ticket with any further information and a screen capture if you're able. You can submit a ticket by clicking the link in my signature, signing in, and clicking "Ask a Question".


Also, in the future, you can submit your feedback and suggestions in the Feedback & Suggestions forum, where we are more able to respond and get your input to the Dev team. :)


Thanks for your reports!

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