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Survey : Please help : Deck Stats


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I would like all of you to post the deck stats of your Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks.I am sure you know what i mean! I want to compile a win-loss ratio. I have a ver few but mine are here.


Yveltal/Garbodor - 18/23

Yveltal/Raichu/Landorus - 53/73

Greninja/Miltank - 21/29

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darkrai/yveltal (no garbodor) 40/53



darkrai/yveltal/garbodor 71/92



Virizion/genesect (laser version) 47/62



virizion/genesect 92/119



TDK 66/95



TDL 6/8



charizard/pyroar 16/38



charizard/mega 28/43



aromatisse/xearneas 16/29



aromatisse/plasma 34/44



aromatisse/big basics 22/29



pyroar/archeops 21/31



keldeo/blastiose/black kyurem (doesnt have beach) 31/56





long list of all tier 1 and 2 decks i use

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KDK (Kyurem Deoxys Keldeo) - 73/121

Darkrai Yveltal - 36/40

Virizion Genesect Raichu Roserade - 129/183

Darkrai Hydreigon - 39/66

Rayboar - 6/11

Garchomp/Altaria - 16/26

Aromatisse Kangaskhan - 6/11

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Oh you go to Deck Manager

and when you click on your deck on the sidebar

you can see Total games played

and Total number of wins.

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The ones I've played so far:

Yveltal/Darkrai/Raichu = 34/44

Greninja/Miltank = 77/122

Raichu/Dugtrio/Leafeon/Flareon = 7/12

Butterfree/Miltank = 67/131

Zoroark/Yveltal/Darkrai = 11/23

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Virizion/Genesect - 99/115 (Haven't played this too much since the release of FF)

Yveltal/Garbodor - 34/50

TDL Plasma - 78/91

Emploeon/Miltank - 23/30

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TDK 13/15 (my internet died for one of them :P)


TDL 45/55


Pyroar 37/50


Yveltal/Garbodor 28/33


I recently copied and deleted all my decks to start this fresh, this is what I have atm.


*EDIT* The TDL stat is what I had before I refreshed it.

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