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Rainbow is the new black


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Here's a deck unlike any You've probably seen so far. I'd like to hear opinions, thoughts, bad things about it, possible good things, etc.



1 Latias EX

1 Latios EX

1 Fennekin

1 Delphox (Mystical Fire)

1 Reshiram (Outrage, Blue Flare 120)

1 Victini EX

1 Snivy

1 Serperior (Royal Heal)

1 Meloetta (Psychic)

1 Mew EX

1 Kyurem (Outrage, Glaciate)

1 Suicune (Safeguard)

1 Bouffalant (Bouffer)





2 Energy Retrieval

1 Gold potion (as Ace Spec)

1 Pal Pad

1 Professor's Letter

3 Rare Candy

1 Sacred Ash

1 Startling Megaphone

2 Ultra Ball



2 Bianca

1 Cheren

1 Iris

2 Lysandre

2 N

2 Pokemon Centre Lady

1 Pokemon Fan Club

1 Proffesor Sycamore

2 Shauna



1 Skyarrow Bridge



1 Hard Charm

1 Muscle Band

1 Rocky Helmet



4 Rainbow

4 Double Colorless

3 Fire

3 Psychic

2 Water

1 Grass


I'm the new meta!


So, what do you people think about this mix of ingredients?

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I had 2-3 of some pokemon, but as I continued getting new cards I decided to go 1 of everything as I wouldn't lose on consistency, but would gain in diversity and games would be much more interesting.


Just checked stats and it's 160 played games, 101 win. Not sure how top decks are doing, but I think this is pretty good.

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how is it consistent when you play 1 of everything? consistency means always getting a certain card I don't see how playing just 1 of them would make that consistent

diversity i won't fight you on that, you literally could start with anything with something like that


I personally think its quite bad for the reasons above but the stats seems to be decent

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With consistency, I meant that from initial deck I started with, this 'final' one didn't lose anything when I made it 1 of everything. I had 2 Reshirams, 2 Mews, 2 Bouffalants, etc, but it wasn't better than this.


Since I got pretty wide selection of pokemons at my disposal, I can hit for opponent's weaknesses quite more easily. Admittedly, it's not the fastest deck around nor does it pack much of a punch, but when I get stuff going it's pretty easy to have a decent amount of control over the game. I've won quite a bit of games when opponents would just run out of steam early on expecting an easy win.


Most important thing is that deck is loads of fun and rarely I play 2 games that are similar where in most meta decks you have 1-2 type of attackers, 2-3 techies and that's the whole game.

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well you will need some way to recover those basic pokemon, because when they die, your evoltions are just deadweight in your deck, i tried 1:1 ratios it rarely ends well.

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