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Cards loading much slower than usual


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It started a few days ago, but card images are taking much longer to load than usual. There is nothing wrong with my Internet connection as I am maintaining a very fast cable internet connection, and did a speed check with very high download and upload speeds.

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Hi SpartanClone001,


I'd first make sure all necessary drivers are updated and installed. If they are and your issue continues, please attempt a clean install of the game.



To perform a clean install; remove all traces of the Pokémon Trading Card Game client from your computer and re-download the game to a separate directory(folder) than previously used. Install the new files from this directory and attempt to relaunch the game.


If you've still got slow loading times in game after reinstallation, I'd send in a ticket to the Support Team. They'd be able to give more detailed assistance.


You can send the Support Team a ticket using the link in my signature. Be sure to include any solutions you have tried.



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