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Flygon-Dusknoir-...Raticate? (No Beach)

Guest ArtichokeCat

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Guest ArtichokeCat

So...I was inspired by Flygon-Dusknoir-Accelgor's success at US Nationals...

(I know it at least made it into top 8 piloted by Henry Prior because I was on the stream)

But I wanted to make it for the next format...(my guess is BCR on...hopefully not anything higher)

So here it is! (And it's horrible.) I could really use some suggestions. (Don't be hating on the Raticate)


Pokemon: 18

3-1-3 Flygon (Sand Slammer)

2-0-2 Dusknoir (Sinister Hand)

3-3 Raticate (Super Fang)

1 Mewtwo EX (Just to be mean)

Trainers: 34

4 N (I heard it was reprinted in Legendary Treasures as BW 100)

4 Professor Sycamore, 2 Colress, 3 Skyla, 2 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball, 1 Evosoda, 4 Rare Candy, 1 Sacred Ash

1 Professor's Letter, 1 Energy Retrieval

2 Escape Rope, 2 Startling Megaphone

3 Float Stone

Energy: 8

4 Double Colorless Energy

2 Fighting Energy

2 Psychic Energy


I made an alternate list to play for the time being.

Pokemon: 18

3-1-3 Flygon, 2-1-2 Dusknoir,

2 Emolga (Call for Family), 3 Phione (Aqua Boomerang),

1 Mr. Mime (Bench Barrier)

Trainers: 36

4 N, 4 Sycamore, 2 Colress, 3 Skyla, 1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball, 4 Rare Candy, 1 Evosoda, 1 Sacred Ash

1 Master Ball ACE SPEC (will replace with Dowsing)

2 Megaphone, 1 Escape Rope, 1 Prof's Letter, 1 Switch

3 Float Stone, 2 Muscle Band

2 Frozen City

Energy: 6

5 Water, 1 Lightning

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I would Add 1 switch and take out an escape rope (personal preference), maybe add a Lysandre. Level ball will be rotating btw :P

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Guest ArtichokeCat
Level ball will be rotating btw :P


Noooo!!! :(


What do we replace it with?

The deck will be totally unplayable without it.


Great Ball and Poke Ball are like the only other Balls right now...

I hope it will be reprinted in Furious Fists.

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One thing problem that I see is that your Raticate will be KOed very easily. So, to fix this, I recommend either a 4-3 or a 4-4 line + adding in Exp. Share. Also, I can't see any reason for the psychic energy. Also, you might want another Lysandre. That way, if Raticate survives, you can Lysandre out another Pokemon and use Super Fang again (just to make for faster prizes). Another suggestion: 3 startling megaphone. I used to (and sometimes still do) play Garbodor/Landorus-EX/Mewtwo-EX. When Flygon/Dusknoir/Celebi-EX first came out, I won every single match I played against it. So, play 3 startling megaphone. You won't regret it with all these Darkrai/Yveltal/Garbodor and Raichu/Flareon/Garbodor decks running rampant. Hope this helps! Good luck and God bless.


P.S. If you want to make something w/t Level Ball, then I would recommend Evosoda to get your Raticate into play. :)

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Exp share will rotate.

I'll add evosoda.

Ok, I'll look for another Megaphone. (I only have 2 atm)

(Truthfully, I'm preferring the 2nd list...)

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Ok, so with your second list, I might suggest ditching the two catcher. The coin flip is meh and Catcher's real strength is in numbers (3-4) or when it can be Junk Hunted/Dowsing Machined. Other than this, two just don't really do that much... So, I'd get rid of those and put in 2 more muscle band. That should help Phione a lot. Also, if you're looking for someone to retreat to the bench, then check out Palkia EX. It costs a little more energy, but 3 (******** that bad. Also, I believe that the lightning energy is unnecessary. Realistically, Emolga probably will not be a position to attack or he'll get KOed by some heavy hitter. Hope this helps! Good luck and God bless!!


P.S. Also, if you go the Palkia EX route, then you might consider trying to find room for a 1-1 Altaria. Just to do some more damage.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Hmm....I was thinking about that but i just traded my 2 Palkia EX away...

Yeah I will take out the Catcher, the Lightning, and update the lists soon...

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Ooo... I like the Frozen City. I look forward to seeing your updated list! Should be fun to play! You should add me online and we can battle!

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you might consider Pokemon Fan Club and Ultra Ball or Evosoda (even Pokemon Circulator [i think that's what it's called] would work). Also, if you include Celebi EX than you can use Vibrava's attack even as Flygon punishes everyone with his ability.


Speaking of Furious Fists, some cards you might consider from that are Mountain Ring stadium (which shields the bench from damage dealt by attacks, not abilities), Training Center stadium (which gives stage 1 and stage 2 pokemon +30 HP), and the Korrina supporter (which lets you search your deck for one fighting type pokemon and one item card and place them in your hand). Of course Battle Reporter would be good for drawability (you draw cards till your hand is the same size as your opponent's), and Victreebell would be just to mess with your opponents (discard grass energy off him to poison and confuse your opponent), but those are only options if you want to change things up.


Other fun ones from the next set will be Hariyama (whose Thick Fat ability reduced damage received from fire and water types by 30), M-Lucario EX (which hits for 140 and knocks off an energy off the active to boot), and the new versions of Landorus (who has a retreat cost of 1 and can attach energy from your discard to the bench) and Flygon (whose single-colorless-energy Rainbow Shower attack allows you to attach as many basic energy from your hand to your pokemon any way you like.)


Of course these are mere suggestions, feel free to pick and choose the combination that works best for you.


P.S. Training Center stadium plus Hard Charm would increase the survivability of your Raticate and Flygon

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Thanks for all the help so far guys!

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the next set

and Training Center...Stage 2's will get a ton more power with it

(even though Level Ball will be rotating.)

30+ HP you say? That means Stage 2s can go high as EXs!


I like keeping to the survival of Flygon and low levels of energy for now...

it isn't favorable because Yveltal EX exists...


EDIT: Just saw the new scans:

I'm as hyped as ever!

Clawitzer is perfect to replace Phione in the 2nd list... :)

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