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Yveltal/Hydreigon (Unlimited)


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I decided to go with Unlimited because certain vital cards, like Dark Patch and Sableye, will undoubtedly be rotated out of Standard soon, and Unlimited has more fun options anyway. XD


Anyway, this is yet another deck among many featuring the monster known as Yveltal-EX, which obviously serves as the main attacker. The other central card of this deck is one that I had been wanting to use for some time: Hydreigon, which can freely move this deck's Energy around with Dark Trance. What ensues from these two is a sort of "bulky offense" deck that mainly involves giving Yveltal-EX as much power as it needs behind its Evil Ball while keeping it healthy with Max Potions. Hydreigon even serves as a built-in counter to Pyroar and the Safeguard 'mons, since it can destroy the lot of them with Dragonblast.


Other Pokémon in this deck include the obvious Darkrai-EX, which gives everything free Retreat with Dark Cloak and can do decent damage with Night Spear if it needs to. There's also the regular Yveltal, which can attack quickly and get Energy back with Oblivion Wing. Sableye also appears here, as it does in pretty much every Darkness deck, to get back essential Items with Junk Hunt. After these guys, there are a couple of techs to help with consistency. The first is Cleffa, which can refresh my hand with its adorable "Eeeeeeek!" The other is Jirachi-EX, which allows me to pull out any Supporter I want when I really need it with its ever-amazing Stellar Guidance.


The Trainers make up the bulk of this deck, since it doesn't need too many Pokémon or even Energy. The primary Item is Max Potion, which completely heals an injured Pokémon; with Hydreigon moving Energy away beforehand, this is essentially free healing. Another helpful Item is Dark Patch, which is great for both acceleration and recovery, generally for getting Darkness Energy into play. Because I run a Stage 2 (Hydreigon), I also run Rare Candy to get it out as fast as possible. I run a couple of Junk Arms in case I really need to re-use a certain Item (sometimes, Junk Hunt isn't fast enough for that). Random Receiver can be a good way to seek out a Supporter if I need one. Professor's Letter helps me get some Darkness Energy out quickly, either to play it down or discard it to Patch it into play. For searching, I run the ubiquitous Ultra Ball to get what Pokémon I need, as well as Level Ball as a no-cost way to get out Deino, Zweilous, Sableye, Cleffa, or Jirachi-EX. I have Pokémon Catcher instead of Lysandre because I can easily get my Catchers back. I run a Startling Megaphone in case I run into Garbodor. A Super Rod lets me get back certain Pokémon and, if I really need it, Energy. For additional damage, I run Muscle Band, which usually goes to either Darkrai-EX or Yveltal-EX.


My Ace Spec is Scoop Up Cyclone, which lets me get a Pokémon off the playing field. This is a very good card when you can play it multiple times in one game, which is possible here with Junk Arm and Sableye. Scoop Up Cyclone has multiple uses in this deck.

#1: Pick up an injured Pokémon to pseudo-heal it (in case I don't have a Max Potion).

#2: Pick up a suboptimal Active Pokémon (such as a sleeping Cleffa) to "switch" it out.

#3: Pick up Jirachi-EX to get it out of danger and/or re-use Stellar Guidance.


For my Supporters, I run Professor Oak's New Theory, N, Colress, and a Professor Juniper (only one because I hate discarding my resources here) for draw support. I also run Skyla to dig out the right Trainer at the right time; she usually grabs Rare Candy or Ultra Ball so I can get Hydreigon out quickly. As for my Energy, I run a few Blend Energy GFPD to enable Dragonblast, and the rest is just Darkness Energy.


So yeah, here's the list as it stands right now.


2 Deino (Deep Growl)

1 Zweilous (90 HP, Draw In)

2 Hydreigon (Dark Trance)

2 Yveltal-EX

2 Yveltal

2 Darkrai-EX

1 Sableye (Junk Hunt)

1 Cleffa (Eeeeeeek)

1 Jirachi-EX


3 Max Potion

4 Dark Patch

2 Rare Candy

2 Junk Arm

1 Professor's Letter

2 Random Receiver

3 Ultra Ball

2 Level Ball

2 Pokémon Catcher

1 Startling Megaphone

1 Super Rod

2 Muscle Band

1 Scoop Up Cyclone


3 Professor Oak's New Theory

2 N

2 Colress

1 Professor Juniper

2 Skyla


7 Darkness Energy

3 Blend Energy GFPD


This list has gone through some refinement (I actually ran Blissey Prime before I got ahold of Max Potions, XD), but it still doesn't feel "final" to me. For one thing, I kinda want to add one more Yveltal-EX and probably another Sableye, as well as an Absol mainly to pseudo-counter the irritating Frozen City. I'm also debating on whether or not I want Special Darkness Energy in here; the extra damage would be nice, but its incompatibility with Dark Patch might get in the way (though Yveltal can fish it out without any problems). I'm also tempted to put at least one set of Twins in here; this deck can sometimes fall behind before it gets set up, especially with Cleffa, so it'd be nice to just yank out Hydreigon and/or Rare Candy, or just get some highly auspicious cards in general. Finally, I'm asking myself if I want to run the Virbank Laser combo; the extra damage could be very helpful, but Virbank Laser feels really cheap to me, and Virizion-EX can turn them into dead cards, so yeah.


That's it for this post (sorry for making it so long, heheh). Tell me what you think!

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I recommend a 3-1-2 set for Deino, as one may be prized ,and the other may be in your prize cards. One Yveltal is enough, as you will always have the dark patches, so maybe reaplce a Yveltal with a Sableye. I honestly don't think you need Cleffa, as it is very hard to pull it out on turn one, let alone still be asleep while you "eek" This deck mainly rely's on Dark trance and Darkrais ability, so i recommend 2 Startling Megaphones incase one is in prize. If you dislike Juniper, then use Twins rather than that. Maybe replace an Ultra Ball with a Pal pad, as you can always Junk Hunt it back, while also getting supporters back into your deck, and then using Jirachi again. This deck has no space for lasers and VIrbank, but if you like, you can add 2 lasers, as it is predictable that your opponent will also use Laser bank, which not only saves you 2 spaces for bank, but also gives you unlimited lasers due to junk hunt, and chip away opponents health if they have an odd HP number in case you can get the Ko. If you really hav eno space, i would remove the second Yveltal, as you have Dark patch, and Sableye should be the staller at the start of the game, not Yveltal Also if you have Jirachi, you don't need Random recievers.

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