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Ajustable game rules


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Dear sir/madam

I've seen many suggestions for non-ex pvp and such, but they always seem to get an answer similar to this one:

no we dont want to create any more modes because we fear it will cause to much player fragmentation or whatever you guys called it.


the thing i'd like to suggest is:

make it possible to change game rules for friends matches and custom tournaments.

so if you challenge a friend you can discuss the rules of the match and then ajust them accordingly.

also when it becomes a possibility to host tournaments in tournament mode that you can change those rules.


My idea would be the following

when selecting a friend match (/hosting a custom tournament) there would be an extra option besides the standard/unlimited/theme deck sections with "custom battle/rules"

if you were to click that button a menu would pop up with which you can change the rules.

for example the new first turn no attack rule makes some old decks somewhat unplayable.

so there would be an option to use that rule or not (first turn attack yes / no button)

and other functions like



1. expansion restrictions - choose certain expansions that can be used (like only cards form the plasma blast and freeze sets) (there would be a list of all expansions and a box that you could mark to allow that set in the match)


2. First rule no attack - yes/ no box


3. Banned cards - a section where you can drag cards that are not allowed in that match (say you hate catchers, just mark them as not allowed and of you go.)


4. Double battles - 2 teams with 2 active pokemons and 10 bench spots, i saw someone suggest this somewhere and i gotta be honest it seems really really intresting. but i bet incredibly hard to program


5. Number of prize cards - idk maybe make it more or less whatever you like


6. Banned card types - similar to banned cards but then with types like: no ex pokmon allowed or no primes/legends/supporters/items


7. retro rules - for example a box that makes catchers like the used to be (without coinflip).


8. type ristrictions - players can't have more than one type pokemon in there deck (only metal or fire or whatever) or the other way around, players must have atleast x different types of pokemon in there deck.



and some more things people could suggest that i cant think of right now.


well personally i think that would be awesome. even if the options werent as extensive.

but i get that there are many more things to work on right now and even when they are done the thing i suggested would probably be a nightmare to program, but i just wanted to put it out there.

tell me what you think please :)


sincerely RD

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Hi RoyalDuke,


I'll pass your suggestions up. Lots of good ones in there! :)


As always, we appreciate your input!

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