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Druddigon's Revenge


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Client: latest

Card: Druddigon

Card Number: Flashfire #106

Issue: I was fighting with my Suicune as active, and Druddigon was benched with one energy. Suicune got knocked out by damage from opponent's Hydreigon and I promoted Bouffalant as my active since I wasn't sure I'll draw into another energy to power up my Druddigon. However, I got the energy, retreated Bouffalant and promoted Druddigon to hit Hydreigon for 180 since Hydreigon has weakness and last opponent's turn my Suicune got knocked out. My Druddigon only did 40 (because of weakness) damage instead of 180 ((20+70)x2 for weakness on Hydreigon).



- It may be of some importance; my Suicune was poisoned, but was knocked out by damage from Hydreigon, not poison itself.

- Druddigon's revenge in normal situations works fine and I never had issue with it. And I also use Mew a lot with my Druddigon and never had issues with Mew using Druddigon's attack.

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Hi Ironelf,


We were unable to replicate this with the information given. It would be incredibly helpful if you could list the Collector Numbers of the other Pokémon involved (Hydreigon, Suicune, Bouffalant), as well as any other information you might think of.


Thanks for your report and your patience!

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Hey, sorry for not giving this info. Didn't think it was important in this case so I didn't bother to search, but here it goes now:


Suicune: Plasma Blast #20

Hydreigon: Dragons Exalted #98

Bouffalant: Dragons Exalted #110


Can't think of anything more that could be of importance to the case.


Not sure if you'll take into account, but to me it seems like benching pokemon is the issue here and Revenge 'buff' applying only to the pokemon that is put into play immediately after KO, when it should be applied to the player and last for a whole turn regardless of all the switching and benching that happen between pokemons. As I mentioned earlier, Revenge always worked fine, but that was specific situation in which I wasn't sure I will be able to use Revenge due to lack of energy so first I put some other pokemon and then retreated to pokemon with revenge.

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