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Huge Bidner FT !


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Virizion EX FA : 14/15 packs or cards value

Juniper FA x3 : Each 15 packs

Skyla FA x2 : 19 packs each

Charizard EX C.B x4 : each 7/8 packs

CHarizard EX FA x1 : 3 packs ONly

kangaskhan EX FA : 4/5 packs

Lugia EX FA x3 : each 6

Deoxys EX Reg : 4/5 Packs Each

And Much More FT !!! { Fas - Exs/Srs/Packs /FA Supporters !!!}


LF Deoxsy ex FA /Virizion EX Reg / Mewtwo EX FA /Dakrai EX FA /Beach & N FA !!! ;)

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Hi, i am interested in Viri EX FA and lugia EX FA


i am muted in game for 2 more days, but i have virizion EX reg and some other cards for those two

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