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a few bugs that need fixing


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1. when using clefairy for moon guidance the white explanation bubble is blurred out


2. When using Gardevoir with special ability to double psychic energy it doesnt work on any other pokemon on that team

only on gardevoir "herself"


the second impacts gameplay much more important


these are trues for versus and testing modes



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Hello ediamonds2001!


In your first report, are you referring to Clefable, the evolved form of Clefairy? If so, I have escalated this to the Dev team for investigation. :)


We were unable to replicate your second report, however. It would be incredibly helpful if you could provide any more information. With which other Pokémon did you unsuccessfully attempt to use the ability? Were there any other Pokémon or effects in play which could have prevented the ability from working?


Thanks for your patience and your reports!

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