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Conservative Plasma Deck


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My goal for this deck was to get out a plasma EX set up as fast as possible and get them attacking/discarding. I have the deck IRL and its pretty fun to play. It's not anything super competitive, nor do i want it to be, but i want it to be something that will help me win at least a league scenario. Suggestions and comments are all welcome! I'll listen to anything as long as it isn't "this deck is stupid and you are stupid" kind of stuff.


Pokemon: 15

2 Dialga EX

2 Thundurus EX

2 Tornadus EX

3-1-3 Porygon Z line

1-1 Glaceon line


Trainers: 35

3 Colress

3 Colress Machine

3 Prof Juniper

2 Shauna

4 Roller Skates

4 Plasma Ball

2 Ultra Ball

2 Shadow Triad

3 Rare Candy

1 Pal Pad

2 Lysandre

1 Gold Potion

1 Plasma Frigate

2 Switch

2 Float Stone


Energy: 10

2 Rainbow

4 Plasma



I've been trying to improve this deck concept constantly but i seem to have hit a roadblock so all the help i can get would be greatly appreciated! :) Post a comment below!:D

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