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Rate My Hybrid Deck


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3 Squirtle BC

1 Wartortle BC

1 Blastoise PB

2 Genesect PB

1 Virizion EX PB

1 Virizion LT

1 Keldeo EX LT

1 Shaymin EX LT

1 Heracross BC

1 Keldeo BC

2 Blastoise EX XY

1 M Blastoise EX XY




Scoop Up Cyclone ACE SPEC

2 Escape Rope

1 Town Map

3 Energy Switch

1 Energy Search

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

1 Crushing Hammer

1 Trick Shovel

3 Energy Retrieval

1 Pokemon Center Lady

2 N

2 Tierno

1 Eviolite

2 Rocky Helmet

2 Giant Cape

1 Float Stone



2 Prism Energy SPECIAL

7 Grass Energy

7 Water Energy

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too much pokemon variety


good ratios


needs more supporters


needs a better ace spec


trick shovel, eviolite not recommended


energy retrieval not recommended


energy search should be changed to professor's letter


prism energy should be changed to rainbow


overall rating: decent enough for playtesting and casual play, will struggle significantly with top tier

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