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I got a Plasma Landorus Promo once. Every other time has been coins.


EDIT: You can add:


Ho-oh (HGSS1)

Cleffa (HGSS12)

1 XY pack

Electrode (BW76)

Silver Diamond Dialga coin

Silver Infernape & Gallade coin

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BW76 Electrode

BW79 Landorus

BW99 Genesect

XY10 Dragalge



Silver Diamond Dialga

Silver Diamond Palkia

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Aww...sweet! I really want the Promo Electrodes and Genesect but have yet to get them. Are they tradable?

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I have gotten a couple of trainer tokens and tournament tickets....but mostly the silver Palkia coins: like 10 of them so far, and 4 of the silver Dialga. I'm wondering how the random distribution works, if I'll be getting coins for a few weeks, then cards for a while, then packs, because it doesn't seem terribly random so far >.<



EDIT: Today I received my first promo card from the box- Smoochum (HGSS13)

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Suddenly I see the previously extraordinarily rare Latios and Latias HGSS promos for trade. Has anyone got those as prizes form the giftbox?


And to add to the list of prizes:

Gold Infernape & Gallade coin

(I think it was gold. Currently not logged into the game, but it was a Infernape and Gallade coin that was not Silver)

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