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Ideas for "Gift Box" prizes on the Roulette.


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Trying to make a brainstorming thread here for some ideas as to what can be added as a Gift Box prize. So far, I like the idea of releasing previously unavailable Promo Cards that otherwise would not have had a release on the PTCGO due to them not having codes.


Another Idea that I thought might be interesting came to mind when I saw the "Pikachu" and "Charizard" packs that are in the game but appear to be currently unavailable.


For example, these "Packs" could be something like mini-sets that when open give maybe 3 cards (of a predetermined set for that Pack type, say 10 different cards total) related to the Pack type. For example, those "Pikachu" Packs can give 3 Electric-Related cards, so the 10 cards could be the Pikachu/Raichu line, a Tynamo/Eelectrik/Eelectross line, a Colorless 2-Pokemon Line, 1-2 selected Trainer Cards, 1 Electric-type EX and perhaps the added "Holographic" Lightning Energy for good measure). Of those cards, this "Pack" would select 3 of those cards (with the selected EX being a rarer drop than others), allowing players to eventually make a simple Electric Deck using those cards (once they won enough of these "Packs").


Players current have to buy Decks for 500 packs to be able to get cards that have any color synergy (Five card packs on their own do not inherently do that and is a matter of luck.) but this could be a simple and easy way for new players to get a controlled set of cards of the same type (due to being a small-sized set created by the devs), while at the same time, more experienced players may open them for a chance at the EX or Holographic Energy within as players seem to have a thing for shiny cards.)


I currently do not know what the "Pikachu/Charizard Packs" have in store or if they're even related to what I just mentioned, but it could be interesting.


I suppose another Prize could be a Deck Box/Sleeve and Coin bundle. For Example, winning a Gift Box could have a chance to win the player a Pikachu Deck Box, a Pikachu Sleeve, and a Pikachu Coin, though the Box and Sleeve are already sold in the Shop, but it was simply an example and future unreleased Boxes/Sleeves/Coin could be put in. Of course, this would be a rarer prize with a lower chance of appearing.


Lastly, a sort of Grand Prize would be something that is currently no longer available on the TCG, such as any of the HG/SS packs to the first B&W Packs, as well as any of their Theme Decks (though I suppose this could extend to current Packs/Theme Decks, but classic ones hold the most worth to everyone). This could be a sort of Grand Prize with a very very low rate. In any case, for all such prizes, surely the admin can make a balanced drop rate determined by the number of games that actually happen in a given day to how often they want this prize to even appear, but even a 1 in 1000 chance is still better than 0 and would be a nice surprise to most any player, new or experienced.


I suppose I've exhausted my thoughts. I'm not quite sure what else you could possibly fit as prizes, but the Roulette System does leave it open to many new options for new players to start up while giving long-time players, even those with tens of thousands of cards, a nice surprise that they could eventually obtain. While these are just ideas, it would at least give some thought to potential future prizes for the Roulette. Personally I'm quite enjoying the unreleased Promos and could probably be happy so long as those continue to show up in the Future.

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Hi MomiMomiMomiji,


Wow, what an expansive list! I'll send these up for review by the Dev team and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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