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Pokemon sets rotations


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Ok, first try in making this thread failed due to reasons and I lost a nice wall of text so I'll keep this short:


What are legal card sets for PTCGO and how rotations work? Assume I'm a newbie so don't be shy on text if you can.

I noticed that IRL and online aren't in synchronization and online version is lagging quite a bit.


I'm curios about rotations since I don't wanna get cards that will get rotated out soon and I'll end up with deck I can't play with.


Thanks in advance, and apologies if this was already asked. Search function seems broken atm.

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Hi Ironelf,


Currently the legal sets are Next Destinies, Dark Explorers, Dragons Exalted (and Dragon subset), Boundaries Crossed, all the Plasma sets, Legendary Treasures, XY and Flashfire. Rotations generally happen on 1st September and usually rotate one year's worth of sets. Confirmation of the exact sets tends to appear in late July/August, but my money would be that the first four sets listed above will be rotated out and the next format will be Plasma-onwards.


Of course all rotated sets will still be available for play in Unlimited format matches :).


As for synchronization, sets tend to be released online within a week of the IRL release (at least in the English version). Hope that helps!

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