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The 'new' public trade booster filter


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Trade: Users searching Public Trade offers can now filter the results to show only offers that contain booster packs.

has anyone used it already?


I did the following

1. clicked booster pack filter and searched a pokemon, no result.

2. search a pokemon, clicked the booster pack filter, resets search and returns to page 1.


maybe i'm doing it wrong but, the explanation on the patch note above is not working for me.

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The explanation on the patch notes is what it says.


The search will only show trades that involve trading Booster Packs.


Sadly, the search will only search for the Booster Pack names at the moment and no other names, so typing in a Pokemon's name that you're looking for trades involving Booster Packs for will not show up.

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oh boy, at first that's what i thought.


maybe I'm just expecting too much from that filter function.



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